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2 San Francisco Subway sandwich shops stormed by gunmen

A sunny street intersection under blue skies with a white pickup truck parked outside one of several businesses.
The Subway at San Bruno Avenue and Burrows Street, seen in this January 2023 Google Street View, was robbed at gunpoint Wednesday night. | Source: Courtesy Google Street View

Two San Francisco Subway sandwich shops were robbed by gunmen within 30 minutes of each other on Wednesday night, according to police.

The Standard has not been able to verify that the five masked gunmen who robbed the Subway at 3801 Third St. at 8:20 p.m. were the same five teenage suspects who then robbed another Subway at 2599 San Bruno Ave. just 22 minutes later.

The distance between the stores is 1.6 miles, or eight minutes by car, according to Google Maps.

When officers arrived at the Third Street Subway, they learned that five suspects wearing masks and wielding guns entered the business and immediately went to a cash register. After stealing cash, they took a second register before taking an employee's cellphone and fleeing.

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Officers later responded to a robbery report at the Subway at 2599 San Bruno Ave. at Burrows Street. There, police learned five teenage suspects entered the store while brandishing guns. After stealing money out of a register and assaulting a customer, the suspects fled.

An employee at that store who was not authorized to speak to the press Thursday told The Standard that the store closed immediately after the robbery, more than an hour before its scheduled 10 p.m. closure, and reopened later than its usual 7 a.m.

The Standard has contacted Subway for comment and will update if they respond.

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