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Protesters leave after demanding Gaza cease-fire at SFO security gate

Group of masked people holding a banner reading "STOP THE WORLD FOR GAZA" at an airport gate area.
Protesters blocked A Gates TSA security checkpoints on Wednesday morning. | Source: Courtesy Joshua Caldwell

Protesters dispersed after blocking a security gate at San Francisco International Airport for more than two hours Wednesday morning, demanding a permanent cease-fire in Gaza as the Israel-Hamas war rages on.

Photos posted to X by Dena Takruri show at least a dozen protesters blocking G Gates TSA security checkpoints. The group holds signs that read "permanent cease-fire" and "stop the world for Gaza."

SFO spokesperson Doug Yakel confirmed the protest and said the terminal remained open as passengers were diverted around the activity. Yakel later said the protesters began leaving around 11:50 a.m. and added that there were no reports of any flight delays.

Oakland resident Joshua Caldwell, who spoke Wednesday afternoon with The Standard, said he wasn't able to talk about the protest's organization but claimed it was community-organized.

"We don't like to have to do actions like this," Caldwell said. "It's not a fun activity that people do just for fun. It's to get a message out there.

"As people of conscience, we cannot continue to idly sit by and allow something like this to happen with our tax dollars, with our president and his administration providing arms to Israel."

Protests against the conflict and U.S. support of Israel have been a regular occurrence in San Francisco. Activists have organized high-profile demonstrations, blocking major bridges and intersections in the city.

San Francisco police, who handle law enforcement at the airport, said in a statement Monday afternoon that officers "facilitated and monitored First Amendment activity," thanking other police agencies for mutual-aid assistance.

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