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Trump convicted: San Franciscans told us how they really feel—and they did not hold back

Are you headed to a party? Planning a protest? Tell us in the box.

A man with blonde hair and a blue tie, flanked by security personnel and officials, walks through a corridor looking serious. He is the central figure in the image.
Former President Donald Trump prepares to make comments to members of the media after being found guilty on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records on Thursday. | Source: Seth Wenig/AP

After Donald Trump was convicted on all 34 counts in his New York hush money trial Thursday, we asked readers to tell us how they felt about the verdict, which makes Trump the first former president who is also a felon.

More than 300 people responded to our call for responses, and they did not hold back.

Trump is set to visit San Francisco next Thursday for a fundraiser dinner at tech investor and executive David Sacks’ ritzy Pacific Heights home. Sacks has already shared his own feelings about the trial on X:

“A sham trial designed for one purpose: to brand Donald Trump as a ‘felon.’ Watch Dems and the MSM endlessly repeat that word,” he wrote minutes after the verdict. (MSM is an abbreviation for mainstream media—ie, us.)

As for how other San Franciscans are feeling, just peruse several dozen of the submissions left for us in the box below.

You gave us hundreds of responses to the verdict; some are posted below:

“I’m relieved, and a bit surprised, that Trump finally met justice today. This conviction is a big deal and hopefully the first of many. I hope that Republicans will come to their senses and not vote for a felon as president.” — Anonymous

“A small step towards justice being served. A good day for the country.” — Anonymous

“Great.” — Anonymous

“No one is above the law. Trump deserves to go to prison. America will be great again without Trump.” — Choon

“Delighted.” — Anonymous

“Headed to a party? Why yes. The Republican party, for good.” — Anonymous

“An awful day for America …” — Anonymous

“Relieved, so relieved. Rule of law has (finally) triumphed over this crook. There’s hope for the country.” — Cynthia Gair

“The rule of law prevailed. I salute the jury and the judge for their courage and integrity.” — Judith Stevenson

“Party.” — Dan

“CELEBRATING!!!” — Anonymous

“Ecstatic. Finally, accountability for this fraudulent cheating, disgusting pig/conman. I am just happy that I can still trust the rule of law. It took way too long but it’s finally done (hopefully).” — Marianne Rehfeld

“I am supremely happy that citizen Trump has been found guilty of all charges currently under investigation. Hopefully, all of the other charges he is accused of doing, will also result in the same honest verdict. There is a God(s).” — Max Chacall, M.A.

“Relieved!” — Z. Coston.

“I totally agree with Mr. Sacks!!! The Democrats and MSM are desperate to stop Donald Trump because they know that We, The People, want President Trump back in Office to fix the mess they have made of the USA using Biden as their puppet. Shame on all of them.” — Anonymous

“AMAZING! CELEBRATING!!!! Please tell me where the party is!!!! This is long overdue.” — Anonymous

“Justice has been served. This makes me trust the judicial institution a bit more. Let’s hope he does get a harsh sentence for all the harm he’s done.” — Leticia Bonilla

“He committed crimes and should pay the price for doing so, just like any other American would. The way Republicans instantly turn into snowflakes when they face the consequences of their own actions is a sight to behold.” — Jack

“I happen to be in the Netherlands for a few days. So sorry not to be there to join in the dancing in the streets in my hometown!” — Ellen Sinaiko

“Thrilled!😊” — Vicki

“I feel nothing. This guilty verdict does not affect Trump’s ability to run for the November elections. Who wins the election is in the hands of 4-5 states, and the number 1 factor deciding who will win is the perception of the US economy, which is currently not great due to persistent inflation and high mortgage/borrowing rates.” — Brandon

“Finally, he is being held accountable. Just want him to have to follow the same laws as all of us do.” — Mary Prendiville

“I think it is a disgrace and lawfare! There was no crime and the Judge showed tremendous bias, let alone was compromised because his daughter works for Biden. Biden cannot win on his own, so he is targeting his opponent. So shameful.” — Emily Johnstone

“Dumbest waste of taxpayer money and media coverage. All it’s done is raise Trump’s ratings and profile.” — Anonymous

“Celebrating that our Justice system is working. No one should be above the law.” — Emme Klama.

“Conviction is the correct verdict. Hail to the jury!” — Anonymous.

“The rule of law lives.” — Anonymous

“Sic semper tyrannis. As after the fall of Nixon, a good guy with big faults, but superior in every way to our own bane of existence, Ford spoke: Thomas Jefferson said the people are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. And down the years, Abraham Lincoln renewed this American article of faith asking, “Is there any better way or equal hope in the world?” Our “national nightmare” this time is far, far from over, but today’s events provide some hope.” — Anonymous

“Amazed, Elated and Extremely Grateful. 🙌” — Anonymous

“Hard to care, can’t stand either of those ancient warmongers.” — Kathleen Hewtson

“It’s not the great victory that we need to ensure that Trump is not elected. Democrats need to focus on turning non-voters into voters, and catering to the demands of millennial and Gen Z people on environmental issues, and healthcare and higher ed access, as well as stopping the genocide of Palestinians. Rallying white college-educated women like myself around ‘Orange Man Bad’ isn’t gonna get Biden to 270. I am also trans and been a Democrat for 20 years and grew up in WWC suburbia, and I am afraid the Democrats are putting all their chips in this basket, and that spells doom for me if Trump wins again.” — Jordan

“Justice will prevail in the end. Let’s hope this is the end for him. I surely hope that more and more people will come to their senses and see him for who he is.” — Alberto

“Dark ‘n Stormys for all!” — Anonymous

“Couldn’t have happened to a better person!!!!” — Anonymous