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We have a podcast! Listen and subscribe to ‘Life in Seven Songs’

The podcast art for the show "Life in Seven Songs" depicts the silhouette of a woman wearing headphones with a pink, purple and yellow color palette.
Source: Podcast art by Clark Miller

If you had to pick seven songs to tell your life story, what would you choose?

Life in Seven Songs,” The Standard’s upcoming flagship podcast, asks this question of some of the world’s most fascinating people. Launching on June 18, the show reveals how music, more than anything else, sticks in our hearts and follows us everywhere we go in life.

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In twice-monthly episodes, journalist and interviewer Sophie Bearman engages amazing people in intimate discussions about their lives and the songs that helped them along the way. Through seven songs, guests share the private moments and public milestones that made them who they are.

In early episodes, you’ll hear from Norman Foster, the starchitect behind global landmarks like Cupertino’s Apple Park, the Reichstag in Berlin, New York’s Hearst Tower and the Gherkin building in London and London Breed, the 45th mayor of San Francisco and the first Black woman elected to the position. 

You can also look forward to interviews with Robert Reich, former President Bill Clinton’s secretary of labor; D’Wayne Wiggins, the music producer who propelled Beyoncé to stardom; Chesa Boudin, San Francisco’s controversial former district attorney; and many more.

These are revealing biographies, unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

For now, you can visit our website, listen to the trailer and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. If you have feedback or ideas for guests, email us at