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Photos: SF breaks record for most 3-legged dogs gathered in one place

A small white dog is jumping through two colorful hula hoops held by a person, while a group of people watch in an outdoor park setting.
Tri-pawed dog Wallace jumps through hoops with help from his owner, Trina Chow, during the talent portion of the 3-Legged Dog Picnic at Little Marina Green in San Francisco on Sunday. | Source: Juliana Yamada for The Standard

An annual picnic in San Francisco made history—unofficially, at least for now—as the world’s largest gathering of three-legged dogs. 

That’s according to the Tri-Pawed Picnic’s founder and lead organizer, Piedmont resident Franny “Panny” Corsick, who deemed the convergence of 94 three-legged canines Sunday at Little Marina Green as the biggest gathering of its kind. 

Corsick, who’s never owned a three-legged dog, founded the event 15 years ago after seeing a “tri-pawed” pup frolicking at Duboce Park. 

A person with pink hair, purple glasses, and a floral headdress holds a small dog while another person pets the dog under a decorated canopy outdoors.
Blessing Fairy Kitty Stryker, left, gives three-legged dog Vera Revelo Roncevich a blessing while her owner, Claudia Revelo-Lee, pets her head. | Source: Juliana Yamada for The Standard

“I thought, ‘What’s up with that dog?’” she told The Standard on Sunday. 

The inaugural picnic drew just a single participant. But the owner encouraged Corsick to give it another go. 

“And so I did,” Corsick recounted. “Then those people asked, ‘When’s the next one?’ And so it just sort of built on itself until now—and now we’re going for a world record.”

A woman in a colorful hat and dog-themed shirt holds a Chihuahua on her shoulder in a park, pointing playfully, with trees and people in the background.
Judy Richardson holds her tri-pawed dog, 14-year-old Luna Bean, at the 3-Legged Dog Picnic on Sunday. | Source: Juliana Yamada for The Standard

The Guinness Book of World Records, which didn’t verify Sunday’s gathering as the largest-ever, claims the record is 75 three-legged dogs. 

Judy Richardson journeyed from Pacifica to Sunday’s picnic with her tri-pawed ward Luna Bean, who went from four to three limbs after a botched surgery.

“The damage was irreparable, so she had to have an amputation,” Richardson said. “I’ve had a tri-pawed before, so it wasn’t the end of the world—and she’s just been a joy.”

A woman in casual clothes walks along a park while a black and white dog runs beside her, holding an orange ball. People are relaxing in the background.
Tri-pawed dog Macaroni plays fetch alongside owner Jessy Willman, who traveled from Windsor to attend the picnic. | Source: Juliana Yamada for The Standard
An older man wearing sunglasses and a patterned shirt pets a small, white dog on a grassy field, with other people and dogs visible in the background.
Robert Rule plays with his tri-pawed dog Kingston, who lost one of his limbs when he was just a puppy. | Source: Juliana Yamada for The Standard
A fluffy black and white dog on a leash stands in a park, looking back happily. The handler has short, dark shorts and many people are gathered in the background.
Verity Walsh and three-pawed dog George show off their tricks in the talent contest. | Source: Juliana Yamada for The Standard

Richardson’s been attending the picnic since around 2017. 

“I look forward to it,” she said. “It’s on my calendar every year.”

More than anything, it gives people a chance to share stories about their dogs. 

A dog wears a bright green bandana with text "I PAW-TICIPATED 2024" and a logo that reads "Tri-Pawed Dog Picnic" in a grassy area.
Tri-pawed dog Margie wears a special bandana. | Source: Juliana Yamada for The Standard
People are gathered at a park near a marina, sitting on the grass and socializing. A woman is helping a dog in a wheelchair, others are relaxing under umbrellas.
People and their tri-pawed companions converged at Little Marina Green. | Source: Juliana Yamada for The Standard
A woman in a large hat is holding a treat and guiding a small brown dog to jump. People are gathered in the background, some taking photos or watching attentively.
Jaynee Howe and her tri-pawed dog Sport participate in the talent portion of the event with a spinning trick. | Source: Juliana Yamada for The Standard

“It’s great to walk around and meet the dogs and say, ‘Oh, how did your dog lose its leg?’” Richardson said. “And just exchanging information and a lot of ‘awwws.’ It’s truly a social event. It’s fabulous.”

Trina Chow’s 9-year-old dog Wallace has been a regular for the past seven years, too. But lately, it’s become a chance for him to show off what he’s learned at a canine circus school in Oakland.

“It’s our favorite event,” Chow said. “Everyone’s so happy here.”

Three people wearing "Tripod Squad" shirts and hats are gathered under a tree. One woman holds a light-colored dog, and another woman reaches out to pet it.
Kim, George, and Louis Humphreys pet their tri-pawed dog Cricket. | Source: Juliana Yamada for The Standard
A bearded man in 19th-century attire holding a staff leads a crowd in a park. People walk dogs, and buildings are visible in the background under a clear sky.
Emperor Norton leads a parade of people and their three-legged canine companions. | Source: Juliana Yamada for The Standard
A small dog with a black and tan coat sits on the grass wearing an orange and white checkered bandana, next to a person dressed in brown pants and black shoes.
Kathryn Thane and her three-legged dog Joey wait in line to be counted at the picnic, which aimed to break the record for the largest-ever gathering of tri-pawed dogs. | Source: Juliana Yamada for The Standard