Tech’s Latest Disruption Target: San Francisco’s Board of Education

For years, aspiring tech moguls have moved to San Francisco and brought ideas like “move…

Student Leaders Demand Better Covid Safety at SF Schools

As Omicron surges through San Francisco schools, members of the student council call for remote learning options and improved safety protocols from district leaders.

Fentanyl testing

Gov. Newsom’s $50M Opioid Education Pledge Comes as Colleges Warn of Risks

Opioid overdose deaths have been steadily increasing for years among Californians age 34 and under, more than tripling from 1999 to 2019

School District Promises 10 Covid Sick Days for Staff, Expanded Testing and Masks in Union Agreement

As schools grapple with record Covid cases and absences during Omicron, the district and its unions have reached a new health and safety agreement.

Union-District Negotiations Pushed to Next Week as Educators Call Out Sick En Masse

After failing to reach an agreement, the district and unions will resume bargaining next Thursday.

Amid Staff, Test and Mask Shortages, Teacher Group Plans ‘Sick-Out’

With 600 district employees absent on Tuesday, some educators worry that current safety protocols aren’t enough to stem the spread of Omicron at local schools.

Citing ‘Gross Malfeasance,’ SF Parent Group Supports Recall of Two School Board Members

With less than two months until voters decide whether or not to remove three school board members, a big parent group weighs in.

Court Tells SF Dems To Change Voter Guide Statement on School Recall

Just days before the deadline, a lawsuit is forcing the SF Dems to withdraw its statement condemning the school board recall.

SF Democratic Party to Reconsider Voter Guide Statement Opposing School Board Recall

SF DCCC will reconsider its statement in opposition to the recall of three school board members in the wake of a lawsuit filed last week.

Under Pressure, SF School Board Passes Budget Plan to Stave Off State Takeover

Facing a $125 million budget shortfall, the Board of Education adopted a plan that shows the state that the district is prepared to make cuts to balance its books next year.