Perspective: Don’t Wait on Congress for Climate Action—Here’s How SF Residents Can Decarbonize Some Sh*t

Our households and cars contribute to 40% of all energy-related U.S. carbon emissions, which means we have more power to cut down on pollution than we think.

Perspective: Proposal to Support Struggling SF Students Deserves Voter Support

SF’s new school superintendent and school board should work thoughtfully with the city to craft a promising program for struggling students.

Perspective: What the ‘Garbology’ of SF’s Filthy Streets Can Teach Us About the City

A simple campaign to pick up refuse doesn’t just make San Francisco more beautiful. It’s also a form of ‘gateway civic engagement.’

Perspective: Lowell High School’s Merit-Based Admissions Policy is Not the District’s Real Inequity

At the end of his tenure, Superintendent Vincent Matthews seems determined to continue the same wrongheaded policies that voters rejected in February’s school board recall.

Perspective: With Six Deaths on SF Streets in May Alone, It’s Time to Admit Vision Zero Has Failed

The city seems to be moving backward from its goal of ending traffic fatalities by 2024.

Perspective: Warriors Past and Future: Chase Center Still a ‘Great Night Out’ For This Oracle Arena Fan

The new stadium is a world away from the Warriors’ scrappy past, but represents a major evolution in the business of championship sports.

Perspective: California’s ‘Red-Flag’ Law Can Help Prevent Mass Shootings. SF Must Use It More.

Five years after the city’s most recent mass-casualty event, we’re ignoring one of the better tools available to stop the next one from happening.

Perspective: We Should Be Outraged About the Conditions in SROs. SF Must Rethink What ‘Getting People off the Streets’ Means

For supportive housing to fulfill its mission, the city will have to make up for decades of underinvestment and neglect.

Perspective: SF Has Eight Months to Submit a Plan for 80,000 New Homes. If We Don’t, We’re in an Even Deeper Mess

If you thought the battle over fourplexes was ugly, wait until the city tackles its state-mandated Regional Housing Needs Allocation.

Perspective: The Best Time to Build the Downtown Extension Was Decades Ago. The Second-Best Time Is Now.

The DTX project will leverage the billions that the Bay Area has already invested in transit to create a truly interconnected regional rail network.