Supes Spar Over How to Get Every Homeless San Franciscan into a Shelter: ‘The Streets Cannot be a Waiting Room’

Mandelman says amendments will undermine his effort to get the city to stick to an important deadline.

SF Voters Lean Away from Progressive Policies as Homelessness and Public Safety Shape Opinions

The SF Standard Voter Poll shows the big challenges facing local officials in the post-Covid era of insecurity.

The Standard Top 25: The Nonprofits Getting the Most From SF’s $668M Homelessness Budget

The city’s homelessness department has doled out more than $268 million to nonprofits in the current fiscal year, amounting to more than $1 billion since 2018.

Breed Hails Opening of New Permanent Supportive Housing Amid Worker Protests

Outside a press conference, workers at the Tenderloin Housing Clinic decried low pay and poor working conditions.

City Contractor Urban Alchemy Denies it Provides Security Services, Despite Evidence to the Contrary

CEO Lena Miller made her first public comments on her nonprofit allegedly performing unlicensed security work.

Local Homeless Coordinating Board Appointee Raises Conflict of Interest Concerns

The Board of Supervisors is set to vote on an appointee who may need to recuse herself from key votes, raising questions about the city’s many homeless advisory boards.

City Eyes Two New Buildings for Permanent Homeless Housing

The two sites contain a total of 274 housing units of varying sizes, including 200 units intended exclusively for families.

‘This Shouldn’t Be Normal’: Tenderloin Parents Grapple with Neighborhood Woes

Tenderloin residents who met with Mayor London Breed to plead for better conditions last November, prompting a string of fiery press conferences.

Map of SF Homeless Shelters Shows Little Neighborhood Diversity

As the city looks to build more homeless shelters, a map of housing and shelter sites shows very few in the city’s outlying neighborhoods.

Mandelman Proposes Shelter for All, But Execution is an Uphill Battle

The supervisor wants to tackle a monumental task: Sheltering the city’s entire homeless population.