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‘We’re Here to Fight’: Hundreds March in San Francisco Following Leak of Roe Opinion Draft
Monday, May 16, 2022

‘We’re Here to Fight’: Hundreds March in San Francisco Following Leak of Roe Opinion Draft

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Hundreds gathered in San Francisco Tuesday evening to protest the Supreme Court’s intent to strike down pivotal abortion rights case Roe v. Wade. Carrying signs and chanting slogans, some marched from Union Square to the Mission District while others gathered in Mid-Market at the Phillip Burton Federal Building.

Attendees ranged from parents to young students to out-of-towners. Many said they felt compelled to show up because of the countless lives that could be endangered by this decision.

Nayelli Zechman said she is worried about her cousins who live in other, more conservative, states.

“I want to feel like they can safely go about their lives knowing they have options,” she said, adding that this was her second time at a reproductive rights protest before her 21st birthday.

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Another protester, Diana Chardin, shared the impact Roe v. Wade had on her when she chose to have an abortion as a young adult. “I had the opportunity to choose my life,” Chardin said. “And I [later] went on to have five kids.”

The Supreme Court’s draft opinion, leaked to Politico on Monday, is an initial version of a majority opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito. The Supreme Court confirmed the legitimacy of the draft on Tuesday morning.

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  • Please follow the SCIENCE and believe your own eyes!!! MRIs and biology PROVES a fetus in the womb IS a LIVING HUMAN BEING! Abortion is MURDER!

  • For thousands of years the choice to have an abortion was the woman’s. And then the Republicans decided they wanted to have more control, so instead of dealing with real matters of importance such as ruling on electoral gerrymandering, they decided to rule over a woman’s choice and gave her none. This court is the product of the Republicans and therefore flawed. I’m very worried for this country. There goes another piece of democracy. Are you happy, Mitch?

  • Protesting this in SF, or even in CA generally, is pretty much like bringing sand to the beach. Effective protests need to be held in DC and in states with anti-abortion senators and congress members.

  • Overturning Roe v Wade will return the right/limits of abortion to each state per the 10th Amendment. States with more liberal policies such as CA, MA and NY will always have abortion. If we want abortion to be a Constitutional right then we must amend the Constitution.

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