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In Letter to Boudin, Humboldt County Links Tenderloin Drug Sales to Rise in Local Fentanyl Cases
Monday, May 16, 2022

In Letter to Boudin, Humboldt County Links Tenderloin Drug Sales to Rise in Local Fentanyl Cases

City officials in Humboldt County penned a letter accusing District Attorney Chesa Boudin of presiding over “brazen” open-air drug dealing that is overflowing into their towns and leading to a rise in fentanyl cases.

The Humboldt Board of Supervisors voted on Tuesday to approve sending the letter to Boudin after spending nearly an hour weighing the effectiveness of criminalizing drug use and sales, as well as the political implications of tying fentanyl cases to San Francisco’s controversial district attorney. 

The letter points to an increase in fentanyl overdoses and arrests in Humboldt county since 2020, and claims that the Humboldt County Drug Task Force linked alleged drug dealers back to the Tenderloin neighborhood, considered the epicenter of San Francisco’s drug trade. 

During Tuesday’s meeting, Humboldt Sheriff William Honsal alleged that “virtually every one of our arrests is coming from the Tenderloin District in San Francisco.” 

Humboldt city officials didn’t reach out to Boudin’s office prior to publicizing the letter nor has Boudin received the letter, said Rachel Marshall, a spokesperson for the District Attorney’s office. The letter was published on the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors’ website and circulated online. 

U.S. fentanyl overdoses increased 28.5% between April 2020 and April 2021, breaching 100,000 deaths nationwide with 640 fatal overdoses occurring in San Francisco in 2021. The Tenderloin accounted for 20% of those deaths, and officers from SFPD’s Tenderloin police station seized more than 11,000 grams of fentanyl between January 3 and April 4. 

Nineteen people died from fentanyl overdoses so far this year in Humboldt County, according to Honsal. He said that the number of fentanyl-related arrests in Humboldt County also ballooned in the last three years, jumping from two arrests in 2019 to 40 occurring thus far in 2022.  

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The letter also cited an injunction by former San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera that sought to ban convicted drug dealers from entering the Tenderloin neighborhood, and asked Boudin’s office to support Mayor London Breed’s emergency declaration on drug overdoses and prosecute drug dealers “to the fullest extent of the law.”

Herrera’s injunction, which was filed in September 2020, was found to be “not an authorized remedy” by an appeals court on Friday. 

“We are happy to brief [Humboldt County Board of Supervisor Chair Virginia Bass] on the work our office has been doing and correct the misinformation she has,” Marshall said. 

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  • There is simple, straightforward solution to this unconscionable problem that can be accomplished next month.


  • Without God, only might makes “right.” In a post-Christian (largely anti-Christian) society, we are unable to judge right from wrong. These overdoses and the response thereto is one of many unsurprising consequences. Sin begets sin. And slavery to sin is even worse than slavery to a man. It’s reward is death and hell (the separation from God, without Whose friendship there is no peace or joy).

  • Feelings on Boudin aside, I don’t see how any DA can “solve” this “problem”. And, has the replacement DA been identified? The suggestion seems to be for the cops, which the DA has no authority over, to arrest all the drug dealers and then the DA would make sure they all get locked up which juries, judges, jail capacity, public tolerance would presumably have something to say about along the way. Where is that “solution” working currently in a major city in America? Or ever has? Boudin may or may not be a bad DA but the problems in the tenderloin cannot be solved by one elected official or the unelected one that would take over in the case of a recall.
    Will the Mayor choose Loftus again? If so, perhaps the Standard should ask Loftus and other potential picks what their specific plans will be? That would serve the voters more than airing Humboldt county’s opinions on who should serve our City’s residents.

  • Boudin’s parents are cop killers. Boudin studied under Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. Boudin’s grandfather is a Marxist. In what world did anyone think he was going to make a positive impact in a corrupt, fragile city. Of course, drug use, violence and widespread theft is on the rise. Of course the picture of him in this article is him protesting mayor Breeds decision to have more policing. Wake up sheep.

  • SF gets a City full of Willow alleys as long as Chesa sticks around. And you all deserve it. SF should be ashamed of itself..

  • Boudin and his Asian sups that are aping white progressive values because they are ashamed of their own culture needs to go. If they don’t more Asians will be murdered by career criminals released to kill as pay back to society for putting them away.

  • Take out the trash from all of the cities in US to Mexico & China. I know a baby that died because of this drug. Ppl are goin to use drugs that’s a given,Drug dealers are goin to make their money. If our government really wanted to get rid of that Drug they could. Not saying to lock up all the small time Drug dealers & support the privatization of prisons either. The ppl in control & real power need to be locked up. It’s a big problem that is destroying our society in every big city & small town in our country. It doesn’t need a feel good bandaid. Get to the root of the problems & come up w/real solutions. As far as SF goes I Luv that city good or bad but the tourist are not goin to want to come there. Get rid of greed & stop putting greedy ppl in control for starters.

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