Board of Supervisors in 3 Minutes: Rent Relief, Retaliation, and Transparency

Supervisors are set to approve more rent relief, address property-related political drama, and call for greater transparency in property records.

Blocked Downtown Project Emerges as Sticking Point in AD17 Race

A contested housing project at 469 Stevenson Street features in a mailer attacking candidate David Campos.

New Exhibit, ‘House of Commons,’ Explores Promise and Pitfalls of Communal Living Structures

Congregate homes with shared central spaces and resources have a part to play in fixing San Francisco’s housing crisis, according to the exhibit’s creators.

Former Supervisor Jane Kim Targeted in Ethics Complaint Over Stevenson Street Housing Project

Kim worked closely with the leader of a powerful housing nonprofit to oppose a major apartment project. She says she did the work on her own time.

Board of Supervisors Question Evolution of Tenderloin Emergency

At over eight hours, the Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday touched the bases, including the emergency response to the Tenderloin.

Hunger in Chinatown: Meal Programs Among Few Pandemic Lifelines for SRO Residents (本文有中文譯版)

The Xu family, like thousands of other very low-income immigrants living in single-room-occupancy hotels, has experienced increasing food insecurity during the Covid crisis.

Fight for the Fourplex: Supes Weigh Building on Single-Family Lots, But Voters May Decide

With a rubber stamp from the planning commission and support from pro-housing advocates, a fourplex proposal that excludes affordability measures looks best poised to change local housing law.

$74 Million for Affordable Housing: SF Approves Funds to Buy Small Apartment Buildings

The program is facing reforms as it works to scale up and make housing more accessible to low-income residents.

Even Well-Paid Union Workers Can’t Afford S.F. Housing, Advocates Say

The city’s housing stock lags behind jobs growth, continuing a long-term imbalance between employment and affordability.