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The San Francisco Standard’s best videos of 2021

Legacy Residents Call for Help at the Granada Hotel in San Francisco

In December, we filmed at the Granada Hotel in San Francisco's Lower Nob Hill. Legacy residents—mostly seniors and people with disabilities—said safety and cleanliness at the site had gone dramatically downhill since it was transitioned to supportive housing for the formerly homeless in Nov. 2020.

Video by Sophie Bearman and Jesse Rogala

‘Nobody Here’: Downtown Merchants in Crisis

In October, we profiled the state of downtown San Francisco. Offices were empty. Workers were mostly gone. And hundreds of downtown merchants were hanging on by a thread.

Video by Mike Kuba

Balls, Bats and Top Hats: These S.F. Baseball Teams Play By 1886 Rules

Also in October, we took a look at a San Francisco baseball team duking it out at Golden Gate Park using rules, uniforms and equipment authentic to 1886, and learned what the sport means for the players.

Video by Mike Kuba

Powerless to Help: A Target Security Guard Speaks Out

In July, in the backdrop of fears around brazen retail theft, we spoke to a security guard at a San Francisco Target store about what it was like to work that job day in and day out. Ultimately, the guard chose to quit—and we chronicled his decision on camera.

Video by Jesse Rogala and Sophie Bearman

San Francisco’s Chocolate Merchant

In August, we met up with store owner Jack Epstein, whose extraordinary Noe Valley chocolate shop boasts a photographic history of San Francisco in the form of thousands of blue tin boxes.

Video by Mike Kuba

When the Lights Come Up in the City: Outer Sunset

Over the course of the summer, we debuted a series about three San Francisco neighborhoods and how they handled the pandemic and built back stronger. In the Outer Sunset, an explosion of creativity and new beginnings took place where the sea meets the city.

Video by Jesse Rogala and Meaghan Mitchell

Standing Tall: Honoring the 'Mothers of Gynecology'

In April, we traveled to the Bayview to speak with visionary artist Michelle Browder about her latest project. After learning about the "father of gynecology" J. Marion Sims' place in history, Browder set off to create a sculpture honoring the enslaved women he experimented on without anesthesia or consent—the 'mothers of gynecology,' as she called them.

Video by Jesse Rogala

Joel Aguero contributed additional reporting for this story.

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