Mike Kuba

Mike Kuba is an Associate Video Producer at The San Francisco Standard. Previously, he worked as a freelance filmmaker in Washington D.C. and the Bay Area. He brings experience shooting, editing and producing short documentaries and videos for established media outlets such as 60 Second Docs, brands such as Airbnb and organizations such as the National Park Service. He has also shot and directed his own independent documentaries on issues related to homelessness and climate change.

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The Holdouts: Inside SF’s Sole Remaining Video Rental Store

Video Wave in Noe Valley has survived Netflix, the streaming era and most recently, Covid. Here’s how the last full-service movie rental shop in SF has kept the lights on.

‘Getting Harder By the Day’: SF School District Looks to Staff Up as Droves of Teachers Depart

Scores of teachers are reconsidering their place in the city—or profession entirely—and the effects of that turnover will reverberate for months or years to come.

The Night Bus: Moving Through San Francisco After Dark

We spent a night on one of San Francisco’s all-nighter ‘Owl’ buses to get a glimpse into the world of Muni late at night. Here are a few of the people that we met.

Hella News: In Wake of Recology Scandals, How Much Does SF Love Garbage Men?

An investigation found Recology over-billed SF customers by almost $100 million. We asked residents how they feel about the trash company.

Bringing San Francisco Together With a ‘Little Library on Wheels’

Alicia Tapia delivers free books to San Franciscans with the help of her mobile pop-up library, the Bibliobicicleta.

Hella News: The Standard’s Voter Poll Finds San Franciscans Are Fed Up

Every elected official in the city—from DA Boudin and Mayor Breed to the Board of Supervisors—should be on notice: Negative approval ratings are surging.

Playing With the Tides: How San Francisco’s Iconic Wave Organ Sings

Twenty-five concrete pipes capture the sounds of the ocean’s waves. The result is an ethereal melody.

Where Assembly Candidates Haney and Campos Stand on Housing

Haney has won the endorsement of California YIMBY. Campos is championing affordable housing.

Where Assembly Candidates Haney and Campos Stand on Public Safety

Haney’s campaign website specifically mentions public safety as a key issue, while Campos’ website does not.

‘This Shouldn’t Be Normal’: Tenderloin Parents Grapple with Neighborhood Woes

Tenderloin residents who met with Mayor London Breed to plead for better conditions last November, prompting a string of fiery press conferences.