Jesse Rogala

Jesse Rogala is a senior video journalist at The San Francisco Standard, primarily focused on production of feature enterprise videos. In his time at The Standard, Jesse directed the flagship video series "When The Lights Come Up In The City '' and has been nominated for a 2021 LA Press Club Award. Before joining The Standard, Jesse produced videos for multiple award-winning explanatory journalism pieces for Fortune Magazine, and was featured on Fortune’s “Most Memorable Interviews This Decade.” A graduate of the San Francisco State film program, Jesse is an avid consumer of movies and television shows, a big fan of summer camps and excels at reaching things on the top shelf.

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Hillary Ronen Defends Closing BART Station Plazas in the Mission: ‘My Back Is Against the Wall’

The Mission District supervisor explains her unusual decision to get BART to shut down one of the busiest public spaces in the city.

‘Getting Harder By the Day’: SF School District Looks to Staff Up as Droves of Teachers Depart

Scores of teachers are reconsidering their place in the city—or profession entirely—and the effects of that turnover will reverberate for months or years to come.

Hella News: Willie Brown’s Half-Year in Review

Former Mayor and California Speaker Willie Brown breaks down the biggest news stories of 2022, as well as his favorite things in SF.

Hella News: Lots of Love for Bill to Keep SF Bars Open Until 4 a.m.

San Franciscans seem pretty excited about a proposed state law to allow bars in the city to continue serving drinks later in the night.

Hella News: Wait, What Happened on Election Day?

San Francisco voters are exhausted after the city held its third election of the year Tuesday. Here’s a quick rundown of results.

Decades-Old Keepsakes Found Behind Mantle of For-Sale ‘Pink Painted Lady’ on Postcard Row

Watch our video for a full tour of the home, plus explore the historical gems hidden in the fabled Victorian’s walls.

Hella News: In Wake of Recology Scandals, How Much Does SF Love Garbage Men?

An investigation found Recology over-billed SF customers by almost $100 million. We asked residents how they feel about the trash company.

Needles, Naloxone and Board Games: A First Look Inside the Tenderloin Center

Media observers were invited to tour the facility, where staffers say they’ve already reversed 92 overdoses and supplied 35,000 hot meals.

Hella News: A Brief Guide to Rooting for the Dubs

The Golden State Warriors are nearing yet another trip to the NBA Finals. Not a fan? That’s ridiculous. This video will get you up to speed.

Hella News: ‘Orange People’ Roaming Streets of SF

The reviews are in and “Orange People,” also known as San Francisco’s Welcome Ambassadors, are a hit.