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These Bay Area dispensaries offer lifted gift packages while supporting cannabis equity

A variety of cannabis items sold as a Posh Holiday bundle is displayed during a product shoot at the Posh Green Cannabis Boutique in San Francisco on Thursday, Nov. 10, 2022. | Benjamin Fanjoy/The Standard

As we settle into cool days and long nights, snuggling with a joint in hand never sounded so good. Celebrate “Weed Wednesday” (i.e., the day before Thanksgiving) with The Standard’s holiday guide to Bay Area dispensaries, where you can find the perfect gifts for loved ones in need of TLC—tinctures, lighters and concentrates, that is. 

Posh Green

Hunters Point

828 Innes Ave., Suite 110, San Francisco

Posh Green offers holiday gift boxes available beginning on Weed Wednesday (Nov. 23). The store will stock $65 gift boxes including a flower box, a tincture box and an on-the-go box. Owner Reese Benton said people can take the on-the-go box—equipped with pre-rolls, a grinder, flower, papers, edibles and drinks—on a winter hike or to the movies.

“We’re going through a recession, and I wanted to make sure that everyone can get gift boxes, not just people with money,” said Benton, the first Black woman to own a dispensary in the city. The SF-born cannabis connoisseur champions accessibility and helped design the San Francisco Cannabis Equity Program alongside city supervisors.

Store owner Reese Benton poses for a portrait at the Posh Green Cannabis Boutique. | Benjamin Fanjoy/The Standard

Poncho Brotherz


2934 Cesar Chavez St., San Francisco

For the week of Nov. 20, Poncho Brotherz customers who purchase two or more eighths will receive a free mini pumpkin pie made by one of the brothers. On Black Friday, ounces will be $120 (meaning $80 off). Head over to the family-owned dispensary for “shaman-grown” cannabis and kushy holiday deals, infused with intergenerational wisdom that honors the family’s Spanish, Mexican and Indigenous lineage.

Blunts and Moore


701 66th Ave., Suite B, Oakland

Starting on Dec. 13, Blunts and Moore celebrates “12 Daze of Kushmas,” featuring a different festive promotion every day. Promotions include buy one, get one free chocolate edible products, 15% off women-owned brands and buy two, get one free pre-rolls. The store also offers $50 goodie bags packed with edibles, cartridges and pre-rolls available year-round on the first and 13th of every month. As a bonus, stocking up at this Black-owned dispensary means your green may end up supporting a good cause—like the criminal-record expungement clinics the shop has been known to host.

Malaya Botanicals


2350 Saratoga St. #167, Alameda

This East Bay pot shop is offering customizable, gift-wrapped holiday boxes with free shipping starting the week of Thanksgiving. Customers can mix and match pre-rolls, flower, THC and CBD-infused massage oils, bath bombs and candles for an utmost luxurious and and restful night in. Malaya Botanicals is Filipina-owned, and proprietor Pia Barton makes it her mission to empower women of color to take healing and relaxation into their own hands.

Malaya Botanicals offered holiday gift sets last year, too. | Courtesy Pia Barton

The Sensi Society

San Mateo

1750 South El Camino Real, San Mateo

Starting this week through Jan. 2, The Sensi Society’s holiday promotion will feature eighths of flower for just $14.20. Linette Gonzalez, who co-owns of this Latino-run shop, said she hopes her business can provide high-quality cannabis while serving as a positive example of POC leadership.