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A night in the life of a sideshow: Stolen cars, 720 citations, 82 juveniles and a ghost gun

Two police officers in uniform shine a flashlight into a parked white sedan parked next to a large wall at nighttime.
San Jose police cited over 720, impounded 19 vehicles and made 82 juvenile contact reports related to a sideshow near the corner of Monterey Highway and Branham Lane in San Jose on Nov. 12, 2022. | San Jose Police Department via Bay City News | Source: Courtesy San Jose Police Department

Police handed out several hundred citations and impounded 19 cars at a large sideshow Saturday night in South San Jose.

“Sideshow activity is not welcome in San José,” the police department tweeted on Sunday. “Arrests will be made when appropriate, you will be cited, and your vehicle will be impounded for 30 days. It’s not worth it.”

On Sunday morning, officers were dealing with the paperwork associated with towing the cars and issuing citations to 720 people for participating in or watching the sideshow near Branham Lane and Monterey Highway.

In addition, police contacted the parents of 82 juveniles who were at the sideshow.
Many cars were abandoned after the sideshow, including two that had been stolen, according to police.

“A ghost gun was discarded as well, dangerous and careless that someone would just toss a gun like it was litter,” San Jose police said on social media.

Police said one person reported being carjacked at the scene.