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Real or fake? Watch Steph Curry drain 5 full-court shots in a row

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors flexes against the Memphis Grizzlies during the second quarter in Game 6 of the 2022 NBA Playoffs Western Conference Semifinals at Chase Center in San Francisco on May 13, 2022. | Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Need any more proof that Steph Curry is the GOAT? Well ... the official Sports Illustrated Twitter account just posted a video of the Warriors' superstar point guard sinking five full-court shots in a row.

The question is: Is this real life?

Sure, no one was guarding Curry—the video appears to have been taken during a team practice, with No. 30 grabbing ball after ball from a nearby rack before lobbing them overhand from the other end of the floor—but the feat is still flat-out amazing. And that has some speculating that the video is an elaborate ruse.

"This dude just can't miss," reads the tweet, which was posted at 4:01 p.m.

While plenty of those who've commented on the video—which is attributed to Los Angeles videographer Ari Fararooy—are convinced it is genuine, others think there's just no way. "Bruh.. it can't be real... can it?" is one such skeptical response.

A few are clearly torn: "fake. I'm 93% positive this is fake," reads one response. "I'm pretending it's real idc," reads another.

What about you? Watch the clip below and decide for yourself.

In the clip, Curry hits successive ultra-deep-field buckets, and as the 34-year-old lets the final ball fly, someone in the background says, "Oh shoot. That's five in a row." The shot hits its mark, and Curry yelps in glee before running off the court and out a nearby door in excitement.

We aren't sure what prompted Curry to make it rain Sports Illustrated film crew, but perhaps he was eager to demonstrate that he's still got it, after his teammate's cousin—a junior on the Archbishop Riordan High School basketball squad—put on a clinic last night.

The 17-year-old Nathan Tshamala—cousin of Dubs forward Jonathan Kuminga—drained six 3-pointers in the final four minutes of the third quarter in his team's Dec. 3 game against Wilcox. You can read the recap of that performance here.