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These are the best places around the Bay Area for s’mores

Sure, s'mores are kind of a summertime thing. But you know you want one now. | Photo courtesy of Adobe Stack

The 1940 film Christmas in July made celebrating the yuletide holiday in the summer a thing. But what about celebrating a little bit of July during the holidays? S’mores are a summertime classic, but the unbeatable combination of marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers can also be a warm and gooey dessert in the colder months. Here are a few SF spots where you can indulge in the ultimate campfire comfort food.     



Have a cozy indoor date night and skip straight to dessert at this chic Italian restaurant, where you can order the DIY s'mores dessert for two. The graham cracker pizelle, chocolate and marshmallow fixings arrive on a sleek cutting board with a mini fire pit for roasting it all into one bubbling, divine treat. Allow the flames to warm your marshmallows and your hearts, and the presentation is lit!are a few SF spots where you can indulge in the ultimate campfire comfort food.   

📍3251 Pierce St.  ☎️ (415) 654-2542 🔗

Dandelion Chocolate

Mission | Embarcadero 

Whether you find yourself in the Ferry Building or the Mission, Dandelion Chocolate offers a decadent s’more for $5. Here, a layer of chocolate ganache sits atop a petit square of homemade graham cracker and a pillow of marshmallow toasted to order. Eat it fast while it’s still warm and gooey! 

📍740 Valencia St. | 2600 16th St. | Ferry Building 🔗 

Humphry Slocombe 

Mission | Ferry Building | Oakland | Berkeley | Redwood City

Keep an eye out for Humphry Slocombe’s Secret S’mores Sundae. The local scoop shop known for its fantastical flavors occasionally fires up the torch at its Bay Area locations for a s’mores inspired treat of marshmallow fluff, crushed graham cracker and hot fudge atop Humphry Slocombe’s Secret Breakfast ice cream. 


Roam Artisan Burgers   

Cow Hollow | Pac Heights | Lafayette | San Mateo | San Ramon

Make your milkshake more like a s’more at Roam’s upscale burger joints. Whether you choose a salted caramel shake or the seasonal hazelnut chocolate chip, for $2, you can add a bruléed marshmallow to your beverage and take yourself to marshmallow heaven.