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Furry, freaky, fun: Further Confusion 2023 kicks off in San Jose today

Sue Cukrov of San Jose hugs a furry cat character in San Jose on July 27, 2019. | Jessica Christian/The Chronicle via Getty

When it comes to destinations for far-out fun in the broader Bay Area, several local cities come to mind immediately.

San Francisco’s proud history of off-the-wall drag shows and psychedelic savvy is undeniable. Berkeley and Oakland’s countercultural bona fides cannot be disputed. The beach community of Santa Cruz—home to The Mystery Spot, legendary surf culture and the self-explanatory “Keep Santa Cruz Weird” bumper sticker—is also a great place to cut loose.

San Jose, on the other hand, is known mostly for its professional hockey team, bland skyline and trademark orange sauce. It is synonymous with suburban sprawl.

But every winter, the South Bay city of more than a million residents hosts one of the hairiest parties west of the Mississippi. 

Further Confusion, the South Bay’s annual furry convention, awakens from hibernation this weekend. Starting on Thursday, Jan. 12, and running through Monday, Jan. 16, Downtown San Jose will welcome thousands of elaborately costumed celebrants—many of them dressed to the nines in colorful anthropomorphic get-ups.

Some may be skeptical of adults who choose spend their free time and expendable income on expensive animalistic attire. But it would be a mistake to lump the entire furry set in with The Cowardly Lion. In 2020, a video of a group of furries apparently intervening in a domestic violence incident on the streets of San Jose went viral.

You can read more about this year’s FurCon here.

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