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Hundreds of teenagers outnumber SF cops in ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ keg party

A Google Street View of Glen Park

It’s not just car break-ins and a drug crisis spreading San Francisco police officers thin. On Saturday night officers found themselves outnumbered by hundreds of teenagers throwing a raging "Wolf of Wall Street keg party" in a city park.

The rowdy party was said to be Wolf of Wall Street-themed and the “largest keg event this year” according to Glen Park News, who first reported the incident.

San Francisco police said the party drew around 300 teenagers to Glen Canyon Park.

Officers responded at around 9:30 p.m. and said fireworks were set off, objects were thrown and public urination witnessed as cars sped around the area.

Glen Park’s local news site further reports that a police officer told a concerned driver they were outnumbered by the teenagers.

“They were very loud. I thought I heard a street fight. Both of us called the police. The kids were chased out of the park; the police blocked Elk [Street]. Apparently, they spread out in the neighborhood,” one witness told Glen Park News. 

Video of the incident posted to YouTube shows scores of young people fleeing the scene in the dark. 

“Some fireworks were set off, objects were thrown, barricades for the ongoing construction along Elk Street were moved and strewn about. Some vehicles were reported speeding around the area, and there were complaints related to noise, public urination and loitering by smaller groups of juveniles in different pockets of Glen Park neighborhood as they dispersed,” a police spokesperson told The Standard.

No arrests or injuries were reported as a result of the gathering.

This is the second incident to take place in Glen Canyon Park in recent weeks. Earlier in January, a blue Scion got stuck in wet cement in the neighborhood.

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