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Kim Kardashian Plots Criminal Justice Reform With San Francisco Lawmaker

Written by David SjostedtPublished Feb. 16, 2023 • 2:01pm
Kim Kardashian with Matt Haney | Courtesy Matt Haney

Kim Kardashian met with a San Francisco lawmaker over a fish dinner in Los Angeles to plot criminal justice reforms.

San Francisco state Assemblymember Matt Haney joined a group of attorneys, lawmakers and formerly incarcerated individuals to speak with the reality television star about reforming the criminal justice system Wednesday night.

Haney said that the two discussed his new legislation, AB 1226, introduced Thursday, which would put incarcerated parents in prisons close to their families so they can better support their children.

"She was really nice and very gracious, and she’s deeply committed to this work," Haney said. "It’s become a cause that she’s a champion for, and she’s very effective as an advocate."

Haney's sister, Erin Haney, is the national policy director at REFORM Alliance, and has worked with the reality show star for over five years in her quest to become an attorney and reform the criminal justice system.

Haney said that much of the conversation at Wednesday's fish dinner swirled around ways to stop people on probation from being sent back to prison for minor offenses—which was the case for rapper Meek Mill, who is co–chair of the REFORM Alliance and was sentenced to between two and four years in prison for popping wheelies on a dirt bike without a helmet while on parole in 2019.

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