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50-Acre Bay Area Property ‘Like No Other’ Just Listed for Millions

Written by Daniel EgittoPublished May 06, 2023 • 8:00am
Fields and forests surround the $10.9 million property that has wide views of the Pacific Ocean. | Courtesy Erika Demma

A 50-acre property listed for $10.9 million featuring a main house with seven bedrooms, a barn and a detached four-car garage came onto the market Monday. 

The four-story home, completed in 2016, sits at the base of the Santa Cruz Mountains in a secluded coastal area about 14 miles from the nearest town, Pescadero. The listing says the gated property has views of the Pacific Ocean, as well as a fitness center and sizable sports court area.

“We have a large property in a unique, sort of non-replicable location,” said property owner Mel Connet, who built the 12,560-square-foot primary residence with architecture inspired by Tahoe ski resorts.

The property listing’s website describes the residence as “a coastal estate like no other,” almost entirely surrounded by state parks and a short driving distance from seven local beaches. All four floors of the main building have elevator access.

Tall windows in a kitchen in the Pescadero-area property offer a view of the lawn. | Courtesy Erika Demma

Connet said this estate is one of a few properties with a view of Año Nuevo Island, known for its massive colony of elephant seals. He said he and his wife have enjoyed the area’s seclusion and natural beauty but are moving to the Central Valley to be closer to family.

“You drive an hour, and you leave your 15 million neighbors for a place where there’s more birds and animals than there are people,” Connet said.

A fireplace heats one of the Pescadero area home's seven bedrooms. | Courtesy Erika Demma

The posting describes the eight-bathroom property as “generally fog free” with mild weather. The home’s three living rooms—two are listed as having cathedral ceilings with six skylights each—all have ocean views, as does the sprawling lawn.

The fitness center, for its part, features an en-suite bath with a sauna and steam shower.

The seven-bedroom, eight-bathroom home has rare views of Año Nuevo Island. | Courtesy Erika Demma

Connet said the property would be ideal for family reunions and would make a great “legacy property” to keep in a family for generations.

“We’re really happy with it,” Connet said. “We’re gonna be really sorry to lose it.”

Patio chairs look out at a lawn on the secluded property at the foot of the Santa Cruz Mountains. | Courtesy Erika Demma
A barn sits on a rural property near Pescadero that was listed for sale Monday. Courtesy of Erika Demma

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