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San Francisco man convicted of killing roommate during live Zoom class

Google Street View shows the 400 block of 16th Avenue in the Richmond District, where Min Jian Guan killed his roommate, Yu Quin Sun.

A high-profile murder case that roiled San Francisco’s Chinese community during the early phase of the pandemic has come to a conclusion three years later.

Min Jian Guan, 63, was convicted in the June 2020 killing of his roommate, 79-year-old Yu Quin Sun, according to the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office. He was found guilty of murder and elder abuse and faces 25 years to life in state prison.

Chinese language media reported that the incident happened during a live Buddhist Zoom class the victim was participating in. Other Zoom attendees saw Guan beating Sun on camera, and they called the police. The roommates may have had conflicts about rent money.

Police later found Sun’s body at her home on 16th Avenue between Geary Boulevard and Anza Street in the Richmond District. The DA’s Office said Guan also lit Sun on fire while she was still alive.

“This was a horrific and brutal killing,” District Attorney Brooke Jenkins said in a statement. “While nothing can bring the victim back to her family, I hope that this verdict brings them a sense of closure and justice.”

The Buddhist group that the victim was involved with is Bliss and Wisdom of America (美國福智), a public-service organization. The class master, who wished to remain anonymous, told The Standard on Tuesday that she hoped the conviction will put this tragedy to an end and wishes that Sun may rest in peace. She also said she wished that people remain calm instead of contributing any further hate.

Guan was arrested shortly after the killing and has been in custody since June 17, 2020. His sentencing date is scheduled for June 16.

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