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No arrests after motorcycles block Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco streets

Cars pass the San Francisco County line on the Golden Gate Bridge. | Source: Adobe Stock

A large group of motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle riders blocked traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco streets on Sunday, according to California Highway Patrol officials.

CHP officer Darrel Horner said patrol vehicles were dispatched from the Marin County office to the bridge at around 4:20 p.m., but by the time officers arrived through the heavy traffic, the group had dispersed into San Francisco.

No arrests were made, and no citations were filed against any of the drivers, Horner said Monday.

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Horner said the group then made its way south along the Shoreline Highway section of Highway 1 to the Lake Street intersection, blocking traffic there for about 15 minutes before dispersing into the city.

The steady stream of dirt bikes, sport bikes and ATVs was also spotted in the Outer Richmond neighborhood and at the intersection of the Great Highway and Lincoln Way near Ocean Beach in the Outer Sunset. The Standard witnessed the events near Ocean Beach and estimated at least 100 riders were involved at around 5 p.m.

What’s this group called? Blasted through Outer Richmond today.
by u/voytek707 in sanfrancisco

One Reddit user posted a video of the scene as the vehicles traveled through the Outer Richmond, while another Reddit user said in the comments that vehicles were seen ripping up grass in the Panhandle and riding along Fell Street.

Another post showed several dozen motorcyclists riding uphill the wrong way on Filbert Street.

Motorcycle on Filbert
by u/jmk94949494 in sanfrancisco

Regarding Sunday’s incident, a San Francisco police officer said Monday that “while the motorcycles briefly entered San Francisco, their disruptive activities were isolated to the freeways” and they “did not have any interactions with law enforcement.”

On Aug. 6, a group of bicycle riders took over the lower deck of the Bay Bridge, disrupting traffic on the busy span for nearly half an hour.