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Photos: Trump dinner draws dozens of supporters, and a few protesters, to Pacific Heights

A crowd of people, many wearing red "Make America Great Again" hats, hold American flags and a sign that reads "OUR FAVORITE FELON" at a rally.
Supporters of Donald Trump rally at a street corner in Pacific Heights where tech entrepreneur David Sacks is hosting the former president for a campaign fundraiser Thursday night. | Source: Noah Berger for The Standard

More than 100 Donald Trump supporters squeezed onto a Pacific Heights street corner Thursday night as the former president arrived in the ritzy San Francisco neighborhood for a campaign fundraiser just two blocks away.

The rally at Divisadero Street and Pacific Avenue brought out familiar faces from a large demonstration earlier in the day at Marina Green, plus a small group of counter-protesters. A Trump supporter and counter-protester got into a brief confrontation around 8 p.m., but only words were exchanged.

“Trump for prison!” yelled the counter-protester, who was wearing a T-shirt and waving a flag with the same message.

The paltry turnout of anti-Trump protesters paled in comparison to the number of people who came out for Trump, who at times led chants, “USA, USA, USA,” and “We want Trump.”

The president’s motorcade did not make an appearance at the rally, which was set up outside a multi-block security perimeter around tech entrepreneur David Sacks’ house, where the fundraiser was being held. Tickets for the dinner ranged from $50,000 to $500,000.

A large group of police officers and security personnel surround several black SUVs on a tree-lined street, creating a visible security detail.
Donald Trump’s motorcade arrives at David Sacks’ house Thursday night. | Source: Noah Berger for The Standard
Trump supporters chant, “USA! USA!” at Divisadero Street and Pacific Avenue near David Sacks’ mansion in Pacific Heights. | Source: Noah Berger for The Standard

Harmeet Dhillon, a Republican Party official and attorney who represented Trump in an unsuccessful defamation case filed by Stormy Daniels, told The Standard that the dinner raised $12 million for the former president’s campaign.

Dhillon said both longtime Republican donors and people in the tech industry who had never supported Trump before attended the fundraiser. She said Sens. Bill Hagerty and J.D. Vance, as well as crypto entrepreneurs Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, were among those in attendance.

The dinner included “little hamburgers with American flags in them” plus crab amuse-bouche, cheese and crackers, and a dessert display, Dhillon said.

A person in an orange jacket holds a sign saying "DINING WITH THE FELON = SELLING YOUR SOUL" while standing outside, with others in the background.
Stephanie DeMaria, an anti-Trump protester, holds up a sign outside the security perimeter. | Source: Noah Berger for The Standard
A group of people is gathered on a street, holding flags and signs supporting Trump for the 2024 presidential campaign. A large banner reads "TRUMP 2024."
Trump supporters congregate near Sacks’ home in Pacific Heights. | Source: Paul Kuroda for The Standard

The event came a day after Vice President Kamala Harris visited the Mission for a fundraiser hosted by Manny Yekutiel, owner of Manny’s community gathering space and co-founder of the Civic Joy Fund.

While Trump’s supporters stood with flags and phones in hand, another person sat on the sidewalk across the street, painting the rally in front of him. The painter, who declined to be identified, said it was his way of “documenting” the event.

“These people think Trump is here for them, but he’s here for these rich people,” the painter said.

A police officer stands guard outside a gated building at 2845, while two men in suits enter, one using a keypad and the other on the phone, holding a blue folder.
Secret Service officials are seen inside the gates at David Sacks’ home on Broadway.
| Source: Paul Kuroda for The Standard
A Trump supporter yells about “defenseless” babies as people gather outside of the security perimeter at Divisadero Street. | Source: Noah Berger for The Standard
An aerial view of a grand beige mansion with a rooftop terrace, lush greenery, and several black cars parked on a tree-lined street below.
An aerial view of David Sacks’ home on Broadway after Trump's motorcade arrived. | Source: Paul Kuroda for The Standard
A truck draped in an American flag has its dashboard adorned with multiple hats, and pro-Trump flags are attached. It is parked on a street with other cars.
A Trump supporter drives through Pacific Heights. | Source: Paul Kuroda for The Standard
Police officers stand by barricades on a residential street lined with large brick houses, overseeing parked cars, including a white utility vehicle and patrol car.
Police post up at a vehicle checkpoint near Divisadero in Pacific Heights. | Source: Morgan Ellis/The Standard
A person wearing a red "Make America Great Again" hat is looking down, while behind them, another person holds a sign repeatedly saying "FELON."
MAGA hats were a common sight at the rally outside Trump's fundraiser dinner. | Source: Noah Berger for The Standard