Shelley D. Fargo

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Play Dates: Climb Walls, Solve Mysteries, Bounce Around and Have Fun in SF

Follow The Standard’s new map to arcades, bowling, mini golf, VR and more fun and games in the city.

At Play in Crissy Field

Follow our map to what’s new, what’s old and what’s coming soon in San Francisco’s adventure-filled waterfront park.

Get Lost in the Stacks: A Guide to SF’s Independent Bookstores

Celebrate Independent Bookstore Day by flipping through our guide to find a new favorite bookseller.

Battery Bluff Park Opens Up New Vistas in the Presidio

Check out the view from this previously inaccessible area, and other new outdoor spaces around SF for Earth Day.

Need Weed? Here’s a Map of Cannabis Dispensaries and Lounges in SF

Since San Francisco is now fully embracing its weed culture, it is no surprise that…

Open and Shut: New Restaurants Spring Up, Even As Others Close for Good

Covid was not kind to San Francisco eateries, but where one chapter ends, another begins.

Hungry After Hours? A Map of Late Night Eats Around San Francisco

Here’s where to find the increasing number of bars and restaurants that stay up to feed the city’s night owls.

Dreams & Delays: A Timeline of the Van Ness BRT Project

The backstory on how building a two-mile bus line can add up to a decades-long, $346 million-dollar saga.