An Unlikely Pandemic Success Story? WeWork and Other SF Coworking Spaces

While WeWork represents only 1% of the total office space in the city, it accounted for 17% of total leasing activity in 2021.

‘Outdoor Disneyland’: District Six Wants to Become San Francisco’s Go-To Outdoor Party Spot

The newly revamped SoMa venue is a mix of big screens, food trucks, splashy street art and a barbershop to boot.

Restaurants and Bars Are Relying on City Money to Liven Up SF’s Downtown. Now the Future of That Funding’s Uncertain

Downtown businesses still reeling from the pandemic hope an economic recovery program that funds pop-ups and other events survives the coming round of budget talks.

Against the Tide: Startup Incubator Y Combinator Is Back In Person, Saying SF Is Still Where the Action Is

As much of Big Tech goes permanently remote, local startups seek the collaboration and innovation that working side-by-side provides.

Bikinis, Brews, and Blunts: How Soaring Inflation Is Impacting SF’s Summertime Staples

Whether you’re hitting the beach or chilling at a barbecue, everything you’d want to take with you costs a lot more these days.

Pharma-delics? UCSF Kicks Off First-Ever Trial of Drug Naturally Derived From Magic Mushrooms

Researchers hope that a novel trial could lead to breakthroughs in the use of magic mushrooms to treat mental illness.

Tourists Love San Francisco, Right? This Summer Season Will Tell

A sense of wary optimism pervades hotel and tourism operators as they chart a recovery amid the risk of a recession.

Block’s Mid-Market Departure Revives Years-Long Debate Over Business Taxes

A string of financial services firms have left the city, leading to speculation about the impact of local taxes. But the full picture isn’t so clear.

World Cup 2026

Bay Area Will Be a World Cup 2026 Host

Organizers of the Bay Area’s bid to be among the hosts held a watch party Thursday at Levi’s Stadium, the Santa Clara venue that will host the World Cup.

Tracking Layoffs: Here Are All of the San Francisco Companies That Cut Staff in 2022

San Francisco will hit 5,000 layoffs during the first half of the year, with cuts by a variety of tech and non-tech companies.