Criminal Justice

DA Boudin and Fentanyl: Court Data Shows Just 3 Drug Dealing Convictions in 2021 as Immigration Concerns Shaped Policy

Data obtained from San Francisco Superior Court show that District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s office secured just three total drug dealing convictions in 2021, as prosecutors weighed offenders’ immigration status.

Amid Rise in Anti-Asian Attacks, a ‘Language Bank’ Aims to Link Interpreters with Crime Victims

Supervisor Mar pitched the idea to complement n-language services already offered by SFPD and the DA’s office.

Police Beat a Man During a Minor Traffic Stop. Now SF Is Paying Out $375K Amid Calls for Reform

SF police beat a man during a 2019 traffic stop in North Beach, and the incident is now being seen as an example of why police should end the use of pretextual stops.

SF Standard Poll: DA Chesa Boudin Faces Grim Odds in Recall Election

An exclusive poll by The Standard found that first-term District Attorney Chesa Boudin seems likely to be out of a job before the end of his first term.

Battle for Police Reform: To Reduce Racial Disparities, SFPD May Ban Minor Traffic Stops

Police Commissioner Max Carter-Oberstone calls for an end to ‘pretextual stops’ as part of a growing national movement.

Celebrated Plan to Close SF’s Juvenile Hall in Tatters as City Moves to Build New Facility

Supervisors’ 2019 commitment to swap the previous 150-bed juvenile detention center with a less punitive facility has gone unfulfilled.

In Letter to Boudin, Humboldt County Links Tenderloin Drug Sales to Rise in Local Fentanyl Cases

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors alleged that local law enforcement traced drug activity back to San Francisco’s Tenderloin district.

Kathy Boudin, Former Weather Underground Member and Mother of SF DA Chesa Boudin, Dies of Cancer

Chesa Boudin has often cited the story of his mother’s incarceration as a key influence on his view of the criminal justice system.

Urban Alchemy Worker Shot in SF’s Tenderloin District, Second Incident in Two Months

An employee of Urban Alchemy, a nonprofit whose “street ambassadors” patrol the city’s troubled Tenderloin…

Chesa Boudin recall maps

Mapping the Money in the DA Chesa Boudin Recall

The campaign to recall DA Chesa Boudin has raised twice as much money as those trying to stop the recall, though the latter have attracted far more individual donors, according to campaign finance data released Friday.