Breed on the Brink: At the Edge of Voter Approval, Mayor Faces a Risky Few Months

With an approval rating just shy of 50% according to the Standard Poll, Mayor London Breed faces political tests this November and beyond

Housing, Education in SF Could Get a Big Boost From State’s $97 Billion Budget Surplus

Gov. Newsom’s latest spending plan also includes $18 billion in tax refunds for ‘inflation relief.’

SF Voters Lean Away from Progressive Policies as Homelessness and Public Safety Shape Opinions

The SF Standard Voter Poll shows the big challenges facing local officials in the post-Covid era of insecurity.

Key Findings from the First San Francisco Standard Voter Poll

An in-depth study investigates support for June ballot measures, municipal policies, City Hall and city life in 2022.

SF Standard Poll: DA Chesa Boudin Faces Grim Odds in Recall Election

An exclusive poll by The Standard found that first-term District Attorney Chesa Boudin seems likely to be out of a job before the end of his first term.

Confidence in City Hall is Low, SF Standard Poll Finds

New poll numbers show San Franciscans think City Hall is doing a poor job, but most plan to stay put anyway.

44% of San Francisco Voters Plan to Leave the City, SF Standard Poll Finds

Homelessness, cost of living issues and rising crime were the top reported issues leading voters to consider leaving the city.

San Franciscans Have Mixed Feelings on Local Schools, Poll Finds

Respondents to a recent poll indicated that they weren’t exactly satisfied with the city’s public education system, but also signaled support for giving schools more money.

Asian American Voters Most Likely to Support Recall of DA Chesa Boudin, The Standard’s Voter Poll Finds

The Standard’s new poll found that 67% of Asian voters were in favor of the recall, which was significantly higher than other racial groups.

Board of Supes in 4 Mins: Mr. Dorsey Goes to City Hall, Preston Pesters Breed on Housing

The new guy witnesses a ‘PROXY’ battle over housing policy and more reproach over redistricting.