Public Health

Five Takeaways on ‘The Tenderloin Center’, the City’s Safe Consumption Site

A breakdown of The Standard’s report about a linkage center that quickly evolved into a de-facto safe consumption site.

Supes Spar Over How to Get Every Homeless San Franciscan into a Shelter: ‘The Streets Cannot be a Waiting Room’

Mandelman says amendments will undermine his effort to get the city to stick to an important deadline.

SF Voters Lean Away from Progressive Policies as Homelessness and Public Safety Shape Opinions

The SF Standard Voter Poll shows the big challenges facing local officials in the post-Covid era of insecurity.

Much-Touted ‘Tenderloin Linkage Center’ Morphs into a Safe Consumption Site for Drug Use, Despite Legal Risks

City officials have quietly dropped the word “linkage” from the title, but the change is about much more than a word.

As Booster Shots Lag, Community Groups Get Creative in Closing Vaccination Gaps 

Despite the city’s success in encouraging vaccination, stubborn disparities persist along racial lines in use of Covid booster shots.

Dorsey Seeks to Unify Opposing Sides of the Hotly-Contested Addiction Debate

The new District 6 Supervisor said he aims to find a meeting point between criminal justice and harm reduction, and supports both safe consumption sites and conservatorship under some circumstances.

Majority of San Franciscans Ready to Return to Pre-Pandemic Life, SF Standard Polling Finds

Covid cases have started to rise again locally, but many San Franciscans are ready for normal life to resume.

SF Upgraded to Yellow Risk Tier as Covid Cases Soar

A new subvariant of Omicron called BA.2.12.1 may be responsible for an uptick in cases in San Francisco, which has among the highest infection rates of any county in the state.

Where San Francisco Stacks Up Among California Counties in State Covid Metrics

San Francisco ranks at the top of the state among counties with the highest average daily Covid infections.


‘We’re Here to Fight’: Hundreds March in San Francisco Following Leak of Roe Opinion Draft

Protesters gathered near City Hall a day after the leak of a draft Supreme Court decision overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade abortion rights legislation.