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Explainer: What Happens Next Now That DA Chesa Boudin Is Recalled?
Monday, July 04, 2022

Explainer: What Happens Next Now That DA Chesa Boudin Is Recalled?

San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin was recalled on Tuesday, so what happens now?

The Standard reached out earlier this week to John Arntz, the director of the San Francisco Department of Elections, to get a better idea on when Mayor London Breed would be allowed to appoint an interim DA and when an election would likely take place to appoint a permanent successor.

@sfstandard San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin awaits his fate as today’s recall election vote comes to a close. But IF Boudin is recalled, will he immediately be out of office? Not exactly. We explain the timeline for appointing a replacement, should voters elect to remove Boudin from office.#sfstandard #sanfrancisco #londonbreed #chesaboudin #districtattorney #electionday #election #political #politics #news #vote #recall #sf #sfnews #bayarea #tiktok #fyp #foryou #foryoup ♬ Lazy Sunday – Official Sound Studio

Is Chesa Boudin immediately out of office? 

No. The vacancy in the DA’s office occurs 10 days after the Board of Supervisors declares the election results. After each election for local offices or measures, the director of elections—aka Arntz—certifies the results and then provides the certified results to the clerk of the board. The clerk’s office would then include an item for the board to declare the results on the next meeting agenda.

“I expect to certify the election at the end of June and could possibly send the certified results to the board to declare during its June 28 meeting,” Arntz told The Standard.

Susan Witka holds a “No on H” sign behind District Attorney Chesa Boudin at a rally in San Francisco, Calif., on Saturday, May 7, 2022. Boudin is campaigning against a June recall election. (Benjamin Fanjoy)

When is the soonest Mayor Breed would be able to appoint an interim district attorney?

Breed can appoint someone to fill the vacancy no earlier than 10 days after the board declares the results.

Will there be an election for the top prosecutor job this November?

Yes. First Mayor Breed appoints an interim DA, and then an election to fill the DA position will appear on the November ballot, Arntz said. 

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Whoever wins the November 2022 election would serve the remainder of the current term, which ends in January 2024.

The regularly scheduled election for the next DA term in San Francisco will occur in November 2023.

Josh Koehn can be reached at [email protected].
  • Sounds like the perfect process to end up with the DA that will end overdoses, homelessness and car break ins like the recallers want! Can’t wait for the perfect mayoral appointment followed by an election 4 months later and then another one 12 months after that. And here I thought “instability and turnover” in the DA’s office was a bad thing that prevented effective crime fighting.

  • I mean ffs even the language you guys use is ridiculous!!!! “Long awaited recall*???? How f***king perverted is that??? What kind of sick f**k is sitting around masturbating waiting for the results? This news site makes me f***king sick to call myself a native San Franciscan. “Standard” in the title, so arrogant!!! Utterly arrogant! Disgusting! Every single reporter should be ashamed to write for this conservative baiting embarrassing rag of s**t. Karma is a b***h and you’ll learn this if you have any heart left. Makes me sick. F*k you. You’re hastening the destruction of the city i and my people love and you’re laughing all the way to your graves. Fu*k off, all of you.

  • that’s allotta love. you gotta be crazy or naïve or both to want to keep the DA. The letter above case in point.

  • Look at the psycho with all the asterisks in their comment, and vote accordingly. 🙂

    The radical progressives can’t bully us anymore. Time to take back our city.

  • Luckily poverty, homelessness, crime, and drug abuse are new issues in San Francisco since Boudin took office and should immediately go away if he is recalled. Past DA’s strategies have always been successful and SFPD has no need for accountability! They’re great! We love our racist cops!

  • What if Chesa wins ??

    I’m not saying he will.

    No one has worked harder for him than me.

    I walked several hundred miles with a homemade sign.

    But, I’m prepared to walk a few more atween now and November if he loses.

    For Chesa again !!

    My sign is double-sided.

    Other side is begging Chhabria to let Zarate go w/time served.

    Which the Federal District Judge did thank God.

    Really haters, what if Boudin wins against all that money?

    What do billionaires do next ?

    Spend a billion against him in November ??

    Go Warriors !!


  • The city will be no more or less safe without Chesa Boudin as DA because we never had a DA. We have s social worker posing as a DA in a city where petty criminals have, for the most part, the upper hand.

  • The boudin recall is paid for by republicans especially William Obendorf who is a big Trump supporter and has spent millions and is counting on the people to buy into the media propaganda and false media narrative they have installed.Fact check at SF and which has several real investigative journalism articles about it.

  • Reform is not easy. He was elect4ed to reform the office.. Prosecute as you will.. the only groups who will love this is for profit jail investors.. We have more people in jail than China or Russia. Reform do not recall. He has been in office for a short time. it is working. The police do more to prevent rather than just respond. Breed needs the cash the recall folks are capable of spending. The DA office was messed up for years. Vote to keep the DA.

  • Look into the standard publisher and it will be easy to see why they have campaigned to recall the DA. Maybe The Standard will just disappear once the election is over, along with all the other recall trolls and fear mongering bots. Aside from the political peace and quiet, nothing will happen. Your house or car will get broken into, or not. Homeless people will continue to live on the streets and die of overdoses. May the fear mongers will stop posting their silly ring videos and the truly ignorant will think crime stats have gone down.

  • By any definition, Boudin is the most incompetent, corrupt, cruel, pro-criminal, and anti-victim person to have ever held office. It is unacceptable that he completely refuses to do his job – getting criminals off the streets and into prison. It is unacceptable that San Francisco now has the worst property crime rate in the entire nation. All San Franciscans, vote YES on Prop H to remove this criminal and save our City. Any criminal who murders, litters, rapes, abuses, camps illegally, violate sit-lie laws, or pollutes need to be off our streets and either in mandatory treatment and conservatorship, in prison, or sent back to their home state or nation.

  • Chesa Boudin is not a competent DA and needs to find another job.
    YES on H — Recall Boudin
    NO on C — Preserve the Right to Recall.

  • Hahaha.

    I love it. All you whining about it will have to move to Oakland
    If you want to stay on the programs. Waaaaaas.. ..

  • A year from now there will be the same level of crime, if not more crime, in the city. Then what? Is Chesa the problem?

  • Thank you SF for voting out the son of cop killer Chesa. The majority has spoken. Democrats overwhelmingly do not support Chesa progressive policies. Happy to see how angry the left wing loonies are now claiming the election is rigged just like their cousins in the Trump party. Two sides of the same coin. Extreme to the core. America rejects both of you. Happy to see Caruso winning in LA as well. Reject extremism of all forms, taliban of Texas or isis of San Francisco.

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