City Workers Set for 10% Pay Raises in New Labor Contracts

Thousands of employees in 30-plus unions would benefit from the wage hike set to be approved by city leaders.

What Budget Surplus? Rising Labor Costs Nearly Erase City’s Projected Gains

The $108 million two-year budget surplus projected back in January slips again to a mere $15 million, thanks in part to inflation.

The Great Renegotiation: From Hotels to Oil Refineries, Local Unions Are in a Militant Mood

Emboldened by a tight labor market at a time of growing public support for their cause, unions are well-positioned to win gains in both the public and private sectors.

San Francisco Civil Servants Accuse City of Chronic Understaffing

At a rally, local unions called attention to a staffing shortage in several key departments, which they say undermines safety and services.

New SF Domestic Worker Law Could Lay the Groundwork for a New Type of Employee Benefits

A novel San Francisco effort could help usher in a new era of portable benefits for workers.