SF Police, Pride Parade Reach Deal to Allow Limited Number of Officers to March in Uniform

Sources told The Standard that a limited number of officers in uniform will be allowed to march in the parade, which is scheduled to return on June 26 after two years of dormancy because of the pandemic. 

LGBTQ+ Prioritize Housing, Diversity at Highest Rates: SF Voter Poll

San Francisco’s LGBTQ+ community faces huge economic hurdles but has more faith in the city’s future thanks to its diversity.

Police Beat a Man During a Minor Traffic Stop. Now SF Is Paying Out $375K Amid Calls for Reform

SF police beat a man during a 2019 traffic stop in North Beach, and the incident is now being seen as an example of why police should end the use of pretextual stops.

SF First Responder Museum Remembers the City’s Firefighters, Police, Ambulance Drivers and More

The recently rebranded First Responder Museum and Learning Center reopened this week with a new name and a broader dedication to all first responders. 

2 SF Police Officers Arrested on Suspicion of Destroying Evidence, Retired Officer Also Booked on Gun Charge

San Francisco police announced the arrests Tuesday of two active officers and one retired officer in connection with a pair of unrelated incidents.

Board of Supervisors in 2 Minutes: Police Reform, Amazon, and Problematic Political Posters

The supervisors assess state-led reforms at SFPD, and look to push Amazon into being more labor- and neighborhood-friendly.

SF Police Arrested a Woman Using DNA from Her Own Rape Kit. Now She’s Preparing to Sue

The woman filed a legal claim Thursday against the city and county of San Francisco that alleges police violated her constitutional rights.

Newsom Police

Newsom Announces $350M to Battle ‘Organized Retail Theft,’ Like Union Square Smash-and-Grabs

Responding to a raft of high profile flash mob shoplifting events, the governor sought to ‘recognize people’s fears and anxieties’ around crime.

When Cops Are Addicts: Pharmacy Robbery Sheds Rare Light on Drug Abuse Among First Responders

San Francisco police Sgt. Davin Cole made a living helping people who struggle with drug addiction. Then he allegedly robbed a pharmacy.