Mayor Breed Cheers Google’s New SF Office Amid Pretty Meh Return-to-Work Numbers

The search giant is launching a partnership with the Golden Gate Restaurant Association to provide discounts to downtown restaurants for employees.

Open and Shut: New Restaurants Spring Up, Even As Others Close for Good

Covid was not kind to San Francisco eateries, but where one chapter ends, another begins.

Nearly 4,000 SF Restaurants Survived the Pandemic

Twice as many restaurants closed as opened during 2021 but SF’s food scene is far from finished.

‘Let’s Party!’ SF Bars Ready to Stop Acting Like Covid Police as Vaccination Rules End

Throughout the pandemic, many bars and restaurants in San Francisco have been forced to verify customers’ vaccination status. Those rules end Friday.

Tired of Onerous Bureaucracy, North Beach’s Baonecci Ristorante Decamped for Frisco (Texas)

The family-run eatery made the ‘Texodus’ last fall. Though they miss their old neighborhood and the easy-going Bay Area climate, they are settling in nicely in their new home.

As Permanent Parklet Program Takes Shape, New Rules Would Give SF Restaurateurs a Bit More Time

The Shared Spaces program has gone through many changes since rushing into existence in June of 2020. A new ordinance would give restaurateurs until April 2023 to get their parklets up to code.

Easier Money? DoorDash the Latest SF Startup to Offer Cash-Advance Funding for Small Businesses

Tech companies are expanding their offerings to financial services in order to keep customers within their ecosystem and decouple products from traditional providers like banks.

Pandemic Puts SF Restaurants on the Ropes. Mayor London Breed Joins Coalition Calling on Congress to Extend Lifeline

In a testament to the demand from restaurants, the original $28.6 billion Restaurant Revitalization Fund ran out in three weeks.

Omicron Spurs Some SF Restaurants to Require Booster Proof for Indoor Dining

As the medical community works to understand the dangers posed by the latest COVID-19 variant, some local businesses say they’d rather be safe than sorry.

SF Chefs Think Outside the Bun With Plant-Based Protein Dishes

The Impossible Burger is so 2016. San Francisco culinary creatives are pushing the boundaries of faux-meat and vegan cuisine beyond imitation ground beef.