Scott Wiener

Fourplex Bill Passes, But Won’t Create Much Housing

San Francisco homeowners can now build four units on a lot, and up to six on corner lots, but only if they meet a strict list of requirements.

Last Call at 4 a.m.? SF Legislators Renew Push to Keep Bars Open Later

State Sen. Scott Wiener and Assemblymember Matt Haney will introduce legislation to allow bars in certain cities to continue serving drinks until 4 a.m.

DA Boudin, Sen. Wiener Join Forces on State Bill to Bar Police From Misusing Victim DNA

SB 1228 is a statewide response to the district attorney revealing that San Francisco police used rape kit DNA to arrest a sexual assault survivor in an unrelated crime.

CEQA Saga: UC Berkeley Housing Battle Puts Environmental Law in the Crosshairs Again

A look at why State Sen. Scott Wiener has two new bills that aim to waive some CEQA requirements.

Wiener Aims to Extend CEQA Exemption for Green Transportation

A new bill would make environmental review exemptions to expedite sustainable infrastructure permanent statewide.