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Photos: Thousands Rally in San Francisco for Women’s March 2021

Written by Joel AgueroPublished Oct. 02, 2021 • 5:35pm

Thousands marched from Civic Center to Embarcadero Plaza Saturday for the 2021 Women’s March in San Francisco, led by supporter and activist Latashia Govan and Women’s March San Francisco co-founder Sophia Andary.

Many attendees Here/Say spoke with said that Texas' new—and highly restrictive—abortion law motivated them to show up and protest.

Sandy Weil and Dave McClary marched carrying a coat hanger emblazoned with the words “NEVER AGAIN.”

Amber Buchanan, dressed in a red cloak, told Here/Say she's terrified for her sister in Texas and her daughter in Louisiana.

"When people start putting bounties on the heads of women, it's a lot like ‘The Handmaid's Tale,’” she said.

After the march, smaller contingents continued demonstrations near Embarcadero Plaza as volunteers ushered attendees off Market Street so above-ground transit service could resume. 

Here/Say estimates at least 2,500 people attended the march based on crowd density and crowd size data from aerial photography.

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