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Who’s vaccinated around here? SF hits 83% fully vaxxed

Source: Santiago Mejia/ The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

Millions of bandages and sore arms later, San Francisco has vaccinated 83% of its residents. The rate puts it well ahead of the state, national and global level.

It's been a long two years since the first Covid shutdown. A closer look at the data provided by the City of San Francisco shows some surprising—and not so surprising differences among demographic groups.

Taking out residents who are too young to receive vaccinations, SF’s fully vaccinated rate hits 87%. And looking more closely at the elderly shows a rate in excess of 90%.

The least vaccinated age groups? Kids age 5 to11 and young adults age 24 to 34.

Among racial and ethnic groups, Pacific Islanders hit the highest vaccination rate at 90%. At 87%, Hispanic San Franciscans are more vaccinated than Asians (85%).

The least vaccinated racial group in SF? Whites. Less than three-fourths of are fully vaxxed.