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Board of Supes in 3 mins: A homelessness policy skirmish

San Francisco City Hall reflected in nearby windows | Camille Cohen

Supervisors made major decisions on police procedure and a future training facility for the San Francisco Fire Department at an hour-long Election Day meeting. Meanwhile, lines were drawn in an ongoing fight over homelessness policy.

Mandelman Bucks Majority on Shelters, Conservatorship

District 8 Supervisor Rafael Mandelman bumped heads with his colleagues over multiple items dealing with behavioral health responses to unhoused persons, including an item that would codify earlier policies regarding eviction from shelters. 

          New DNA Evidence Rules 

          The board also unanimously approved Supervisor Hillary Ronen’s legislation to regulate the storage of DNA profiles by police. The ordinance will prohibit genetic profiles gathered from crime victims or crime scenes from being stored in any database that is not subject to state and federal rules around the Combined DNA Index System, a national standard for submitting locally gathered profiles to the National DNA Index System. 

                New Training Facility for Firefighters, Paramedics

                Also passed was a resolution authorizing the purchase of a 4.91 acre site at 1236 Carroll Ave in the Bayview, where a new training facility for the San Francisco Fire Department will be built. The property is currently owned by the industrial property giant Prologis, and its sticker price is $38.5 million plus closing costs.