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Supervisors preview: Fish or cut bait on fourplexes

Longtime NorCal Carpenter Leonard Basoco folds a banner at the end of the Affordable Homes Now Rally in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco, Calif. on Thursday, June 16, 2022. | Eloïse Kelsey for The Standard

This week, the Board of Supervisors has a return engagement with two controversial housing bills, and is set to clear financing for three important affordable housing projects. They will also likely vote to expand a funding scheme for further promoting tourism, and declare certification of the June 7 election results. (As always, wonks looking for the full kit and caboodle can check out the complete agenda.)

Housing Bills: Will Gridlock Continue? 

The Board is set to again consider two bills on housing that caused considerable headaches for housing advocates: one, to legalize more dwelling units in single-family neighborhoods, and another to stop development of certain “micro-unit” housing projects. The two bills have been paired together as part of a compromise, but at the board’s June 14 meeting, District 8 Supervisor Rafael Mandelman asked that the bills be continued due to advice from the City Attorney.

        Meanwhile, Fair Winds for Affordable Housing Bonds 

        The board is also set to pass legislation to allow for the issuance of revenue bonds to finance three highly anticipated affordable housing projects at 730 Stanyan Street, Sunnydale Block 3A and Balboa Reservoir. Unlike the zoning policy bills, these are all expected to pass with no controversy. 

                Expanding the Tourism Improvement District

                In 2008 San Francisco established a Tourism Improvement District to tax hotels for improvements to Moscone Center and provide an operations funding stream for the Convention and Visitors Bureau (now known as the San Francisco Travel Association or SFTravel). This week the board is set to renew and expand the district.

                          Election Declaration Paves Way for New District Attorney 

                          Finally, the board is set to approve a resolution declaring the results of the June 7 election. That election, which featured the recall of District Attorney Chesa Boudin as the main act, was certified by the Department of Elections on June 22.