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Lisa Brewer uplifts the Mission and SF, commissioning murals of local heroes

Lisa Brewer poses for a portrait below the mural of Carlos Santana and Family located at Mission and 24th Street in San Francisco Calif., on Thursday, Sept. 15, 2022. Brewer is the owner of the Mission Art 415 Gallery and is working with artist Wes Wong on a mural of Bill Graham in San Francisco. | Benjamin Fanjoy for The Standard

If you’ve ever been to a mural unveiling ceremony in San Francisco, it’s likely that you’ve brushed up against Lisa Brewer.

As the owner of MissionArt415, a gallery at 2884 Mission St., Brewer seeks to empower local artists who are often overlooked in the art industry by giving them a platform to show their work at her gallery or commissioning them to paint murals throughout the city. 

She’s worked with local officials and property owners throughout the pandemic on mural installations focused on historical San Francisco figures, including the legendary musician Carlos Santana and Earl Gage Jr., the city’s first Black firefighter, as well as the Resilient SF Mural Project in collaboration with the San Francisco Giants.Brewer is currently working with artists like Crayone and Wes Wong on new murals that will feature the incomparable concert promoter Bill Graham at the intersection of Geary Boulevard and Post Street in the Fillmore District. She’s also working with the nearby Japantown Cultural District on a mural that will tell the visual 150-year history of Japanese representation at Peace Plaza.

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