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As assistant DA, Brooke Jenkins shared sensitive info on case highlighted in Boudin recall

DA Brooke Jenkins speaks to the press at her office in San Francisco on Aug. 3, 2022. | Juliana Yamada/The Standard

Days before leaving her post as assistant district attorney in the office of then-DA Chesa Boudin, Brooke Jenkins sent three police reports to the personal email of a colleague who was also exiting the office and who also joined the recall campaign.

The unredacted files, which were discovered and reported on by Mission Local, detailed the criminal history of Troy McAllister, a parolee who police say killed two women in a hit-and-run on New Year’s Eve 2020 while driving a stolen car.

Workers on the Boudin campaign recall, including Jenkins herself and the colleague she sent the files to, Don du Bain, used the case to help rally the electorate around the idea that Boudin’s soft-on-crime approach made the streets of San Francisco more dangerous.

“The fact that killers may go free just doesn’t sit very well with me,” Jenkins told NBC in a joint interview with du Bain shortly after leaving the DA’s office in October 2021. The attorneys specifically referenced the McAllister case in the interview, according to NBC.

Neither du Bain nor Jenkins were involved professionally in the McAllister case, Mission Local reported. The outlet characterized the transfer of materials as a “potential violation of state law.”

Jenkins said in an emailed statement that she inadvertently sent the files to du Bain’s personal email address but did not explain why she did so.

“These files were never used on the recall campaign, or for any political purposes, and were never disclosed to the public,” Jenkins said. “It is clear that this is politically motivated and an attempt to distract from the work I am doing every day to make San Francisco safer.” 

The DA’s Office is looking into how her emails and the files were obtained, saying the actions might have been illegal.