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Paul Pelosi’s alleged attacker gets new judge, date set for preliminary hearing

(From left to right) Attorney Ed Chang, attorney Laura Vartain, federal public defender Angela Chuang, defendant David DePape, courtroom deputy Stephen Ybarra, courtroom deputy Brittany Sims and Judge Alex G. Tse are portrayed during DePape’s court appearance in San Francisco Superior Court on Nov. 15, 2022. | Vicki Behringer for The Standard

David DePape’s attorney appeared in San Francisco Superior Court Monday to schedule a hearing on what felony charges prosecutors could pursue against the man accused of attacking Nancy Pelosi’s husband with a hammer.

DePape, a Richmond resident, has been charged with attempted murder, burglary, elder abuse, assault with a deadly weapon and threatening a family member of an elected official. He also faces federal charges.

On Dec. 14, he’s due back for a preliminary hearing.

DePape allegedly broke into the Pelosi home on Oct. 28, where San Francisco police say they saw him strike Pelosi in the head with a hammer. 

Prosecutors say DePape tried to kill Nancy Pelosi’s husband and planned to kidnap the Speaker of the House as part of a “suicide mission.” 

Defendant David DePape during his court appearance in San Francisco Superior Court on Nov. 15, 2022 | Vicki Behringer for The Standard

Judge Stephen Murphy presided over the brief hearing Monday after Judge Loretta M. Giorgi oversaw prior proceedings.

Though Giorgi said in a past hearing that she used to work with Pelosi’s daughter, she denied that the reassignment had anything to do with that disclosure, according to District Attorney’s Office spokesperson Randy Quezada.

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