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Police dog ‘Enzo’ sniffs out more than 6 pounds of methamphetamine

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Police tape at the scene of a police incident | Adobe Stock | Source: Adobe Stock

Police officers seized 6.6 pounds of methamphetamine in Santa Rosa, as reported by Bay City News—all thanks to a police dog named Enzo.

The K-9 sniffed out the drugs after an officer made a traffic stop near the intersection of Hopper Avenue and Airway Drive in Santa Rosa on Thursday afternoon, officers said.

Enzo alerted officers to the presence of drugs in the car, and when officers searched the vehicle they found a large amount of methamphetamine in the trunk.

The cars' occupants, two men from Bakersfield aged 39 and 23, were arrested and booked in the Sonoma County jail.

While the price of illegal drugs varies wildly according to location, the street value of the haul could have been at least $50,000 when compared with other drug seizures.

"All our dogs are very friendly," said an administrator when the Santa Rosa Police Department was contacted for comment.

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