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Ask The Standard: Share your questions about homelessness

Tent encampment on an alley in San Francisco
Benjamin Fanjoy for The Standard
Image of speech bubble with "Ask The Standard" inside.

At The San Francisco Standard, we want to deliver news that matters to our readers. That’s why we are inviting you to submit questions you have about important topics in the city and the wider Bay Area. We will collect your queries and have our reporting team answer the most pressing and interesting ones. The idea is simple: We want to learn what’s on your mind, and deliver relevant reporting to help you understand your community. 

We’re starting with an issue that is front and center for many in the Bay Area: homelessness. Maybe you are curious about government spending, which programs really work or how San Francisco compares to other cities struggling to house people. No question is too big or too small for us to consider. If you leave us your email, a reporter or editor may follow up with you to get more detail, or let you know when we have published a story that answers your question.

We’re listening, so fill out the quick form below to Ask The Standard!