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San Francisco’s Coit Tower laser light show starts tonight

An artistic rendering shows the laser art installation “The Candle” that will be displayed at Coit Tower in San Francisco from Friday to Sunday. | Source: Courtesy of Illuminate

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The Coit Tower will light up the San Francisco skyline with laser space cannons this weekend, as arts nonprofit Illuminate aims to continue lifting the locals’ spirits and energize the city.

According to Illuminate, the three-night installation “Candle” will officially begin on Friday after 9 p.m. It will beam up from sunset to sunrise through Sunday.

The 210-foot tower, which overlooks the city and San Francisco Bay, was built in 1933.

It is named after Lillie Hitchcock Coit, a patron of San Francisco firefighters. The nonprofit group noted the San Francisco Fire Department will bring its fire equipment to the event.

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Coit Tower is viewed from the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco on June 14, 2023. | Source: Isaac Ceja/The Standard

According to Illuminate, “Candle” is the third of four “Summer of Awe” laser installations “designed to energize and mesmerize the city by creating extraordinary art using lasers” with its partner Nu-Salt Laser Light Shows International.

“San Francisco is the city of awe,” Illuminate’s CEO Ben Davis said in a statement. “Our Summer of Awe series is designed to lift spirits locally while allowing San Francisco to shine in the eyes of the world.”

The series began during the San Francisco Pride weekend last June, with a 4.1-mile laser Pride flag beaming to Twin Peaks.

Last weekend, Illuminate held “loveAbove,” with lasers gracing the Sutro Tower as part of the structure’s 50th anniversary.

The series will end on July 27-29 with “Window,” a projection of lasers from the Fairmont San Francisco hotel into the “Rose Window” at Grace Cathedral.