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Dog rescued from San Francisco cliffside

A San Francisco firefighter rescues a dog who went over a cliff near Ft. Funston on Tuesday, July 25, 2023. | Source: San Francisco Fire Department

San Francisco firefighters reported rescuing a dog Tuesday from a cliffside by a popular San Francisco dog beach.

Firefighters responded around 3:30 p.m. to Fort Funston on reports that a dog was stranded on a ledge after falling over an oceanside precipice, according to SFFD spokesperson Lt. Jonathan Baxter.

Firefighters quickly found the dog, hoisted it up on a rope and reunited the brown-and-white canine with its owner, Baxter told The Standard.

"Rescue was difficult as the dog was on a steep portion of the ledge and weighed 140-plus pounds," Baxter said.

Thankfully, he added, the dog came away unscathed.

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