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San Francisco school district wants to pass $1B bond measure

The San Francisco Unified School District will unveil the details of the bond proposal on Tuesday. | Source: Michaela Vatcheva for The Standard

San Francisco’s school district will ask voters to allow it to borrow between $950 million and $1.2 billion next year. Even at the low end, it would be the biggest bond measure in at least 21 years.

The San Francisco Unified School District will present an outline of the general obligation bond measure to the San Francisco Board of Education on Tuesday, the district said in a statement Friday.

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The district didn’t give an estimate of how much property taxes would need to rise to pay for the bonds.

The money would finance work including school modernization, improved dining spaces, technology and security upgrades, the district said. 

If approved, the proposition would be placed on the March 5, 2024, ballot, the district said.

The last bond issued by the school district was $744 million in 2016. The school system borrowed $531 million in 2011, $450 million in 2006 and $744 million in 2003.