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Tracking Layoffs: Here Are All of the San Francisco Companies That Cut Staff in 2022
Thursday, June 30, 2022

Tracking Layoffs: Here Are All of the San Francisco Companies That Cut Staff in 2022

Even before Coinbase announced it would jettison 1,100 workers, pink slips were flying around San Francisco. The new SF Standard Layoff Tracker estimates SF employers will cut at least 5,000 employees by the end of the first half of 2022.

Staff cuts in the technology and startup sectors are undoubtedly the most worrisome for San Francisco. The economic factors driving the stock market’s slip into bear market territory is especially concerning.

“We’ll continue seeing layoffs until evidence emerges that the Fed will be able to successfully contain inflation,” says Roger Lee, founder of, a site that tracks staff reductions across the country. “Startups are worried about a cooling fundraising environment and are conducting layoffs to preserve runway regardless of their industry.”

And though layoffs in the technology industry have generated the most headlines, a wide variety of industries are cutting staff in SF, including healthcare, retail, hospitality, veterinary and even cannabis companies. Two institutes of higher learning, the Art Institute of SF and CCSF, also trimmed headcount earlier this year.

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The SF Standard compiled its Layoff Tracker by scanning news reports and public records. The list includes layoffs by all companies founded or headquartered in San Francisco, as well as layoffs in the city by companies based elsewhere. New information will be added regularly.

Check the Layoff Tracker below for more details on the latest headcount reductions in San Francisco.

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