Housing & Development

$74 Million for Affordable Housing: SF Approves Funds to Buy Small Apartment Buildings

The program is facing reforms as it works to scale up and make housing more accessible to low-income residents.

State Housing Officials Slam San Francisco Over Housing Delays

A housing oversight body questioned whether two Board of Supervisors’ decisions to stall housing are indicative of a “larger trend” in the city.

Citywide Fourplex Ordinance Clears Planning Commission

With a housing deadline looming, a proposed ordinance may raise the potential for new housing in single-family neighborhoods.

Supervisor Preston Questions Housing Officials on 730 Stanyan, But Finds Limited Answers

A nixed plan for a drop-in center has become a flashpoint for homeless services dispute.

White House Extends FEMA Reimbursement for Shelter-in-Place Hotels, But Impact on S.F.’s Program Is Unclear

FEMA will reimburse costs of shelter-in-place hotels through April 2022, though city officials haven’t decided how the extension will affect plans to wind down the program next year.

Even Well-Paid Union Workers Can’t Afford S.F. Housing, Advocates Say

The city’s housing stock lags behind jobs growth, continuing a long-term imbalance between employment and affordability.

Supervisors Under Fire: Vote Against Proposed SOMA Apartment Building Sparks Furor, May Violate State Law

A Board of Supervisors vote that will at least temporarily block a 495-unit housing complex on a SoMa parking lot has become a flashpoint for long-simmering frustrations around the slow pace of housing development in the city.

San Francisco Extends Emergency Shelter-in-Place Hotel Program Until September 2022

The extension will cost $67 million, with FEMA expected to cover some of that cost.

City to Reopen Downtown Hotel as Permanent Low-Income Housing Stock

59 units will be subsidized by the city and managed by Tenderloin Housing Clinic.

Mayor Breed Pushes Homes Over Cars in Proposed Legislation

The legislation, called “Cars to Casa,” would make it easier to build homes on lots occupied by parking lots and gas stations.