Housing & Development

A Fourplex on Each Lot: In Debate Over Upzoning SF’s Westside, One Proposal Emerges as the Strongest

Will it result in much more housing? Probably not, supervisors say.

Turning Downtown Offices Into Housing Isn’t the Solution You Think It Is

Thousands of floors of office space have been sitting empty for the last two years. But converting that space to housing is a project that very few are willing to take on.

Hella News: Why San Francisco Can’t Build More Housing

The city needs to build 82,000 units of housing by 2031, but San Francisco looks like it might be at risk of failing to meet this goal.

San Francisco Has Hundreds of ‘Historic Places’ and Landmarks. How Does That Work?

Historic sites approved for federal, state or local registries are subject to certain restrictions on new development.

With More Enforcement Power Than Ever, State Relies on Housing Activists To Enforce Duplex Law

A handful of activists represent the bulk of the state’s enforcement of the law. That could change as the state housing agency hires more staff.

Bumblebee ceiling bed

Is This Ceiling-mounted Bed in a Tiny, $600,000+ Studio the Future of SF Living?

At the Serif, a new condo building on Market Street, buyers are being offered a unique perk: the option to add furniture that comes down from the ceiling.

Fourplexpalooza Continues: Supes Wrestle With Westside Development

Two proposals to allow more housing on the westside were debated on Monday in the push to hit state housing mandates.

City Eyes Two New Buildings for Permanent Homeless Housing

The two sites contain a total of 274 housing units of varying sizes, including 200 units intended exclusively for families.

Housing Shell Game: Supes’ Latest Actions Set to Slow New Housing as State Mandates Loom

SF’s board of supervisors habitually blocks housing initiatives in the name of affordability and other goals, threatening the city’s ability to meet state housing targets.

Board of Supervisors in 3 Minutes: Rent Relief, Retaliation, and Transparency

Supervisors are set to approve more rent relief, address property-related political drama, and call for greater transparency in property records.