Housing & Development

San Francisco Plans To Invest in ‘Social Housing.’ What Exactly Is That?

Mayor London Breed agreed to spend city funds on housing programs some have dubbed “social housing.” We break down what that means.

‘Rotten to the Core’: San Francisco Could Get Sued Over Housing Gridlock, Says Legislator

San Francisco’s housing squabbles put the city on a collision course with an increasingly aggressive state agency charged with holding cities accountable to housing production.

Visualizing Eviction: See Where San Francisco Evictions are Edging Upwards

Reports from the SF Rent Board show evictions remain low compared to historical levels but continue to be concentrated in a handful of neighborhoods.

With One Fourplex Bill Dead, Another Rises From the Ashes

The Board of Supervisors failed to override Mayor Breed’s veto, but there’s another fourplex proposal waiting in the wings.

Controversial Housing Amendment Heads to Ballot, Lawsuit Likely

The Board of Supervisors voted to submit an affordable housing ballot measure that may trigger a lawsuit.

Mayor Breed Vetoed the Board of Supervisors’ Fourplex Legislation. So Now What?

It’s unlikely much will change in the short-term, but SF’s housing gridlock could lead to a showdown with state officials later this year.

Housing Fight Could Wind Up in Court, With Advocates Planning to Sue Over Ballot Measure

A pro-housing group plans to sue to block a controversial proposal that competes with a mayor-backed effort to streamline affordable housing.

Mayor Breed Axes Fourplex Bill, Saying It Will Sabotage Housing Production

Breed vetoed a housing bill that took nearly two years to pass through the Board of Supervisors, saying that it was unfeasible in its final form.

Tenants Battle One of SF’s Biggest Landlords Over Covid-Related Evictions: ‘I Will Be On the Street’

The case highlights how so many tenants have fallen through the cracks, despite state and local laws meant to help.

Buyers’ Market? Real Estate Sellers Slash Prices as SF Market Cools

A market correction has led to a larger number of price reductions and opportunities for buyers jaded by the hyper-competitive market.