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The Standard on The Bay: School Board Recall Draws First-Time Chinese American Voters

Written by Han Li, Ericka Cruz Guevarra, Scott Shafer, Alan MontecilloPublished Feb. 02, 2022 • 3:37pm


Note: The Bay is a local news podcast from KQED. This podcast was produced as part of a partnership between KQED and The San Francisco Standard.

The recall election of three San Francisco Board of Education members has motivated many Chinese voters to get involved in local politics for the first time. Early evidence suggests that much of this enthusiasm is coming from the “yes” side of the campaign. So why and how is this election speaking to first-time Chinese voters?

Guests: Han Li, reporter with The San Francisco Standard, and Scott Shafer, KQED politics and government editor and co-host of the Political Breakdown podcast.

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